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Amazon now spits out AI-generated user product reviews

You can find these AI-generated summaries at the top of the review section on the mobile app under the heading “Customers say.”

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Amazon now uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make your shopping experience lazier. They’re rolling out AI-generated review summaries that squish hundreds or thousands of customer complaints reviews into bite-sized, easily digestible paragraphs.

This feature has been in the secret Amazon labs for a few months, and now it’s making its grand debut to a select group of users in the U.S. via Amazon’s mobile app.

The new AI-generated summaries cover a smorgasbord of products, from TVs and headphones to tablets and those fitness trackers you swear you’re going to use.

As of now, the feature isn’t available for all products. For example, as The Verge points out, the Galaxy Tab A7 gets the AI review treatment, but the newer Galaxy Tab A8 is left out in the cold.

These summaries are designed to be as easy to read as a comic strip, but they might throw some linguistic curveballs your way. This could be because Amazon’s search algorithm is the ultimate cheerleader, always rooting for high-rated products.

You can find these AI-generated summaries at the top of the review section on the mobile app under the heading “Customers say.” And just so you know, it’s not some intern’s job; each summary ends with a little note saying it was crafted by AI.

To keep things legit and fight off the fake review monsters, Amazon makes sure these summaries are only made from verified purchases. Plus, they’ve added review highlight filters, so you can easily find reviews that talk about specific features or issues.

So there you have it – AI is now doing your homework for you on Amazon. What a time to be alive.

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