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Unlocking Amazon’s secret: Invite-only Prime Day deals

If luck didn’t favor you this time, don’t fret, hey, there’s always next year.

The image is showing that amazon prime members can get a 75% discount on a product with a list price of $399. 99, and can pay $16. 67/month for it, with a free return policy. Full text: free with ale brand: amazon amazon hdr 10 4. 5 primeday with prime -75% $9999 list price: $399. 99 0 free returns v invite-only pay $16. 67/month you're approved for 4k uhd available at a lower p amazon fire tv omn return policy. Learn n
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Get ready for discounts as high as 75%. Yes, seventy-five percent. You read that right. As long as you snag an invite, these savings could be all yours.

As we celebrate the eighth anniversary of Prime Day, Amazon has decided to raise the stakes.

They’re not just bringing you savings that rival Black Friday in July (okay, Best Buy, we see you); they’re also throwing in some extra special Black Friday-esque deals that are invite-only.

“Invite only?” you say. Yup! These exclusive deals are packed with huge savings.

As always, when I stumble upon such valuable information, my instinct is to share these opportunities for savings with you. What you choose to do with this intel is entirely up to you. Just remember who’s looking out for your wallet.

So wait, Amazon offers invite-only Prime Day deals?

Quick Answer: Yes, they sure do.

Sounds super exclusive, doesn’t it? But in reality, it’s more accessible than you might think. What sounds like it would be reserved for VIPs it’s really intended for folks who can’t afford to sit in front of a computer all day waiting for their favorite product to get discounted.

Surely enough, events like Prime Day always have those super desirable items that evaporate quickly once their prices drop. Well, that’s my take, at least judging from the copy on Amazon’s sales page. And that’s exactly what Amazon was thinking too.

“With Invite-only deals, we’re adding more value to the Prime experience and have made it easier for our Prime members to access exclusive doorbuster deals at incredible prices without waiting in line,” says Jamil Ghani, vice president of Amazon Prime, in a press release.

You can request an invitation to purchase a high-demand, low supply item from the product detail page by selecting the Request Invitation option. If an invitation to purchase is granted, you will receive an email with instructions on how to purchase the item.

The product detail page will display a timer to let you know how much time is left to complete the purchase. If you don’t receive an invite, your request will be considered for selection if additional inventory becomes available.

You can now request access to these exclusive deals anytime before Prime Day kicks off

Not everyone who applies will get chosen for shopping these bargains; however, if Lady Luck smiles upon you, expect unique shopping links delivered straight into your inbox during the event.

At present time, only ten invite-only deals are up for grabs, seven of which we believe are worth jumping at – including record-breaking price reductions like a whopping 75% off an Amazon Fire Omni Series TV or JBL headphones.

This image is advertising amazon fire tv 43' with alexa, hdr 10 4. 5, and 23,242 ratings, which is available for $399. 99 with a payment plan of $16. 67/month for 6 months and a free return policy. Full text: amazon fire tv 43' free with alexa brand: amazon hdr 10 4. 5 ** 23,242 ratin with prime firetv -75% $9999 list price: $399. 99 1 free returns v pay $16. 67/month for 6 months you're approved for an amazon st 4k uhd available at a lower price from oth amazon fire tv omni series come return policy. Learn more about ar
Image: KnowTechie

Who can score these invite-only Prime Day deals?

Prime members exclusively enjoy all things related to Prime Day sales.

NOTE: You’ll need an active Amazon Prime membership to get Prime Day 2023 pricing. If not, sign up for a free 30-day trial and cancel before it expires. Get a special one-week price now for just $1.99.

While there are plenty of pre-Prime-Day-deals accessible by both members and non-members alike, only those holding Prime membership can tap into these invite-only specials.

No Prime membership? Don’t sweat it. Amazon is literally giving them out. See above.

How do I shop for these invite-only specials on Prime Day?

Customers are invited to purchase a limited quantity of a product at a discounted price during the prime day event, with free returns and amazon product support included. Full text: available by invitation o $9999 prime free returns how invites work ¥ limited quantities. We won't be able to grant all requests. If invited, you'll be able to buy this item at the deal price during the prime day event. Limit one per customer. Request invite payment secure transaction ships from amazon. Com sold by amazon. Com returns eligible for return, refund or replacement within 30 days of receipt support free amazon product support included packaging shows what's inside ^ see less i̇k
Image: KnowTechie

Send Out That Invite Request

It’s a little late now, but to join the inviting club, let Amazon know about your interest any time before D-day arrives. Navigate towards any deal marked ‘invite-only,’ click “request invite,” and voila!

A pop-up confirmation will tell you they received your request loud and clear. A successful request gets rewarded with an instant confirmation message right there on-screen. Credit: Screenshot /Amazon

Kick back and relax – you’ve done your part

Once done with requesting invites across all available options (you can go nuts here!), there isn’t much left except waiting patiently (and maybe crossing your fingers).

Each item can only be requested once per user. Revisiting daily in the hope of getting four Omni TVs at a quarter of the price is useless. I’m sorry, but there is no chance of that happening.

Mark your calendars for July 11th & 12th

If Lady Luck smiles upon you, come July 11th &12th, selected lucky ones will receive unique purchase links via email, allowing them access at discounted rates.

If luck didn’t favor you this time, don’t fret – Amazon still sends notifications, so make sure Amazon emails don’t get marked as spam.

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