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Annihilate any webpage with the Kick Ass web app

Kick Ass is the newest and fastest way to blow of some steam at work or at home. Just click the bookmarklet and start destroying pages today!

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There’s an infinite amount of possibilities of things to do on the internet, but somehow, we often find ourselves sitting there, scrolling through the mind numbing newsfeed that is Facebook and Twitter. Sure, we could go read an interesting story or have a thought-provoking discussion, but who wants to do that?

When it comes down to it, it’s just a simple case of boredom. Seriously, how many times at work have you jumped on Reddit, or watched a video on YouTube? Don’t lie, we’ve all done it.

We’re all being paid to do something, but there are plenty of times we just want to get our mind off the mundane task at hand, and reward ourselves with something other than work or whatever is on the mind at that time.

Thanks to the internet, another distraction is here to save the day (or ruin it, depending how you look at it). This distraction is brought to you by Kick Ass – Destroy the Web.

Kick Ass is an amazing little bookmarklet that allows you to destroy any webpage, either on desktop or mobile, by giving users the ability to destroy any website they deemed fit for their hate. The game is similar to the old Atari classic, Asteroids. Basically, you maneuver your little ship around a website of your choosing, press the space bar to fire, and annihilation ensues.We’re talking scorched earth status.

I found this to be a good stress reliever. For example, fellow KnowTechie writer Josiah Motley was deemed fit for an ass kicking, so I went to his Twitter page, and fucked some shit up. Check it out below:

Setting up the bookmarklet is really simple too. Just head on over to the KickAss page, and drag the big button that says “Launch Kick Ass” right into your browsers toolbar. In the end, you’ll want to be able to click it how I did in the video.

Share you high score in the comments! 

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