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Anycubic to launch Vyper, a fully auto-leveling FDM 3D printer that innovates the 3D printing workflow

Anycubic will hold an online launch event for Vyper on 3: 00 PM CEST June 10th, 2021/6: 00 AM PT June 10th, 2021.

anycubic vyper 3d printer
Image: Anycubic

Anycubic, a leading global 3D printer brand, will soon launch Vyper, the first fully automatic leveling FDM machine as a premium addition to its FDM 3D printer line-up. With truly one-touch leveling, it offers users more freedom by avoiding the inconvenience of traditional manual leveling.

“The launch of our latest Vyper FDM 3D printer showcases our continued commitment to providing premium 3D printers that innovate the 3D printing workflow. Compared to other FDM printers on the market, Vyper stands out with fully automatic leveling and extreme convenience at an affordable price,” said James Ouyang, Vice President of Anycubic.

Vyper is equipped with a precise pressure strain gauge and 16-point leveling module, enabling its smart-leveling system to automatically adjust any unevenness on the printer bed thus eliminating the need for manual leveling.

The printer features cutting-edge technology that combines spring steel and soft magnetic rubber which makes the printing model more resistant, harder to deform, easier to remove, and relieves users from having to use masking paper and glue. It also features a large-size 4.3-inch touch screen and new user interface, ensuring smoother and simpler operation. More importantly, Vyper’s printing speed can reach up to 80-100mm/s, 30% faster than the previous Mega series. 

The Vyper measures 245x245x260 millimeters, making it capable of meeting more needs of users. Its integrated structure and modular design allow users to assemble the machine in just three simple steps making it easy to maintain. Moreover, the machine delivers higher performance with the addition of a new 32-bit motherboard and TMC2209 ultra-silent driver. 

The Z-axis high-precision double screw and double photoelectric limit combine to offer reduced zero position error, more stable operation and an even print. Its print head, designed with a double fan, two-way heat dissipation system, is perfect for rapidly cooling down models. The printer’s auto-resume function and filament detection can also help to avoid wasting both time and resources.

Pricing and Availability

Anycubic will hold an online launch event for Vyper on 3: 00 PM CEST June 10th, 2021/6: 00 AM PT June 10th, 2021. The launch event will be live-streamed on Anycubic’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel. 

Vyper will start presales at 7: 00 AM PST June 10th, 2021/4: 00 PM CEST June 10th, 2021 on the official Anycubic store, Ebay, and AliExpress platform. Anycubic will provide an early bird offer of US$299 for the first 3000 machines. The price will revert to US$359 after one-week of presales.

Please visit this link for more details.

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