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API feed platform ‘Stream’ speeds growth with $3M investment

Stream is a company providing an API for building, scaling and personalizing feeds, and which has just received $3 million in funding, to expand operations.

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With the appearance of big social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the word “feed” entered our tech-related vocabulary and, with time, it ended up being quite ubiquitous. On the technical side of things, the usage of feeds by apps also grew 22% to be exact. Feeds are, nowadays, an important source of information – so much that big companies like Amazon or Google are investing on it.

On the light of this growth appeared Stream, an API that allows for companies to build, scale and personalize feeds. It is currently used by more than 500 companies, including well-known names such as Product Hunt, Unsplash, Bandsintown, Fabric (part of Google), Vidyard, Hooq and PowerSchool. The API can be tested using the company’s five minute tutorial.

Now, the company just announced a $3 million investment from Arthur Ventures, raising the total investment amount to $4.75 million. This investment round also has the participation of Galvanize and Techstars, among others, and will be used by Stream to expand its team (they are hiring!) and accelerate product development (Stream’s roadmap for this year can be found here) and innovation.

Patrick Meenan, from Arthur Ventures, explained that this investment makes sense because feeds are growing in popularity:

“Feeds are the core of the world’s most popular applications, but are very difficult for development teams to build, scale, and maintain. Stream is leading the way in providing feed technology as a third-party service and their rapid growth is a testament to the great value they provide their customers.  We are thrilled to partner with this world-class team as they continue to build the market.”

Stream grew from a team of two to the current 14, delivering a way for applications to, in a quick and easy way, integrate feed technology – something that companies are wanting more and more, according to Stream’s founder and CEO, Thierry Schellenbach:

“Over the past year the usage of Stream has grown by a factor of 20. It has been a great experience to see this pace of adoption amongst both small startups and larger enterprises. The new funding will help us drive product development and make scalable, performant and relevant feed technology widely available.”

The acceptance of Stream’s solution has been quite positive. Todd Cronin, founder of Bandsintown, referred that Stream helped his company “build something extremely complicated that would have taken too many man hours otherwise”, which is a good example of what Stream can bring.

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