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Are you a Silicon Valley stereotype? Check your clothes…

Never judge a book by its cover – unless you’re in Silicon Valley. WIRED hilariously breaks down SV’s dress code.

Silicon Valley

If you’re a guy in tech living in Silicon Valley, you should know there are only three ways to dress: “not even trying,” “effortless cool,” and ” business casual,” according to Wired.

Throughout Silicon Valley, you’ll see it: t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. There’s no official dress code, but there is a “code.”  However, not everyone follows the same “code”.

There are various sartorial gangs and tribes in Silicon Valley: engineers, user experience developers, and biz development professionals  – and they’re all wearing their own suits of armor.

Here’s a brief fashion guide to the guys of Silicon Valley:


Tech Dress etiquette


UX Designer

Tech Dress Etiquette 2

Biz Dev

tech dress etiqutte


Look like anyone you know?

For some real-life examples, check out ‘s streeter, in which they stop random people to critique their fashion, and guess at what they do for a living.

► Wired


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