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Apple’s first TV show looks like a complete shit show

Ugh, Apple is making a”The Voice” style show, but for apps.

planet of the apps

Apple just released its teaser trailer for its first original TV show called “Planet of the Apps,” reports.  I’ve watched it and I can honestly say I’d rather spend an afternoon eating blood and hair.

Here’s how Recode describes the premise of the show:

It’s literally celebrities telling app developers why their apps will never be profitable and will never be used by anyone. The apps are judged by a star-studded panel.

Apple picked some questionable judges too. Gizmodo writes:

It combines noted tech geniuses like Gwyneth Paltrow,—creator of many successful and useful technology products—Vayner Media CEO Gary Vaynerchuck, and Jessica Alba, whose brand of organic baby powder was recently recalled. Apple calls them the world’s “most culturally influential entrepreneurs,” because sure, why not?

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Let that sink in for a bit – What a fucking joke.

I can’t even.


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