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Apple smart ring is real, according to a patent filing 

Don’t expect it to launch anytime soon, though.

An Image of the Apple Smart Ring Patent

Smart rings are a new category of smart wearables, and they make a lot of sense. They’re for health-conscious people who don’t like to carry a heavy device on their wrists with another display. And a ring, which is covertly a tracking device, makes a better style statement.

Apple might just agree with this sentiment. According to a new report, an Apple smart ring could appear in the future, as the company has already patented a smart ring.

Is an Apple smart ring coming? 

The folks at AppleInsider have spotted that Apple has been granted a patent on a “ring input device with pressure-sensitive input.” 

However, the Apple smart ring may not be your typical smart ring. According to this particular patent, the ring works as a notification and input device. The proposed ring patent has a fixed center ring and a rotating outer ring.

In other words, the Apple smart ring, in theory, is capable of receiving smartphone notifications and generating vibrating alerts. Furthermore, the ring can also work as an input device. 

Usually, patents are filed with a broader scope. Apple’s patent also shows the company’s intent to use the ring to provide inputs to smartphones, tablets, computers, smart home devices, and other devices.

That said, this isn’t the first time Apple has explored the ring concept. In the past, the company has looked into ring-style wearables with voice control, haptics, and a camera. And a separate ring that could mimic the Apple Watch’s functionality. 

Apple isn’t the only major tech giant are moving forward with a ring project. Samsung also seems to be working on a Galaxy Smart Ring, which seems to be much further in its development cycle than Apple’s. 

Apple is running behind, but we would expect Apple’s smart ring to redefine the segment as usual. So, let’s wait and see what happens, as Apple has a long way to go, if it launches this ring at all.

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