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The Galaxy Watch 6 series may be the best smartwatch out there

Find out why the Galaxy Watch 6 series is hailed as the pinnacle of smartwatch innovation.

The graphical user interface interacts with the application. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Series

Samsung officially held the second Galaxy Unpacked Event of the year in Seoul, Korea. The company unveiled several new Galaxy products, including its flagship foldable smartphones-Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Alongside these fifth-generation foldable smartphones, Samsung also introduced the Galaxy Watch 6 series powered by Google’s Wear OS 4.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Galaxy Watch 6 series.

Galaxy Watch 6 series design and colors

This image is showing the features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch6, including its sensors, battery life, display, and sleep tracking capabilities. Full Text: Galaxy Watch6 Exynos W930 BioActive Active Heart Series Sensor Monitoring SAMSUNG PPG, ECG, BP, BIA, Continuous SpO2, IHRN HR alert, Irregular nature 0 Heart Rhythm Notification, WED26 ligh ECG, Blood Pressure 1 Stepp Score 53 Battery One Click Band 425mAh Personalized HR Zone 300mAh Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Super AMOLED Watch6 Sleep One UI 5 40mm | 44mm coaching A peak brightness Watch of 2,000 nits Watch6 Classic 43mm | 47mm
Image: KnowTechie

Let’s start with the design. Last year’s Galaxy Watch 5 didn’t bring any major design changes. And while there are a few tweaks this year, you’d be disappointed if you were expecting a major overhaul.

However, Samsung has made the bezel thinner; the active display area is now larger by up to 20% compared to the Watch 5, while making its bezel up to a third slimmer than before.

In terms of color options available for purchase, initial leaks suggested there would be three colors – Silver, Cream, and Black for the standard model, while the Classic was expected in Black and Silver only.

The leak was mostly accurate for the Classic variant, but not so much for the standard model, which comes in Gold and Graphite for the smaller (40mm) size, while the larger (44mm) one comes in Silver and Graphite.

Galaxy Watch 6 Series Features

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series
Image: knowTechie

The biggest update with this year’s release is the software, where we get One UI version 5 based on Wear OS 4. It offers advanced sleep tracking similar to Fitbit.

You can expect word-based numeric scores along with Sleep Messages, plus sleep consistency measurements and other features – all aimed at improving your sleep habits without having to pay extra as Fitbit requires.

In terms of fitness tracking capabilities, these watches provide a new Personalized Heart Rate Zone feature with more advanced real-time training feedback. The feedback changes based on the user’s current state, such as a warm-up or fat burn.

Samsung also has an irregular heart rhythm notification feature similar to its predecessors, which can be invaluable for people with abnormal heart rhythm fluctuations.

Users can communicate directly with emergency services when fall detection is triggered on their smartwatches, which are capable of measuring skin temperature during nighttime.

According to the manufacturer, this provides valuable insights for menstrual cycle tracking, among other uses.

A fashionable analog watch from brand OS 10 15 20 adorns the wrist. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
Image: KnowTechie

Another welcome addition is the ability to transfer data from one phone to another without needing a full reset process, thanks to the One UI 5 watch OS system installed on these devices.

In terms of display size and quality, the smaller model has a 1.3-inch screen for both the standard and classic versions, while the larger ones boast 1.5-inch displays with full-color always-on capacity and sapphire crystal protection.

Battery life is an important factor when purchasing these gadgets because last year’s models had some issues, especially the smaller units. But Samsung has rectified those problems by squeezing bigger batteries into their new watches.

Under the hood, all of these smartwatches are equipped with Samsung’s own Exynos W930 SoC, which is slightly better than its predecessor.

But it’s not a significant change since it’s based on the same model number S5E5515, making it physically identical except for a few minor tweaks to warrant the new name.

All the smartwatches in this series offer 2GB RAM along with 16GB of storage space onboard.

Galaxy Watch 6 Series Price and Availability

The starting price for the 40mm variant is $299 in the United States, making it the most affordable option of the bunch. The 44mm one will set you back $329.

Considering the improvements over the previous generation, like advanced activity tracking features and a larger display, the extra $20 difference seems justified compared to Galaxy Watch 5 pricing.

The Classic variants cost a bit more, with the smallest model priced at $399 and the largest one available for $429 in the US market.

However, UK customers pay slightly less due to currency conversion rates, starting at £289 and £369, respectively, then going up to £319 and £399 for the larger models.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

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