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Apple’s app economy added 300,000 new jobs in the US since April 2019

Apple really wants you to know that it’s not one of the bad guys.

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In a recent press release, Apple said that the iOS app economy was responsible for 300,000 new jobs since April of last year. They said that they had created many economic opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses, and startups of all sizes. They also highlighted the fact that their ecosystem now supports over 2.1 million jobs spread across every state in the US.

Currently, they employ somewhere around 90,000 people, again in all of the 50 states, and are on track to meet their commitment to inject $350 billion in the US economy in five years. Their press release also didn’t forget to mention the fact that they support over 450,000 supply chain and manufacturing jobs that work for their 9,000 US suppliers.

Their emphasis was also on the App Store and how it supported businesses and entrepreneurs during the coronavirus pandemic. They listed some of the most successful companies whose apps are listed on the App Store and that have adapted to the new situation. Through their examples, they promoted their contribution to an evolving ecosystem that is fluid and supportive to every aspiring entrepreneur.

Why this and why now?

The one thing about Apple under the leadership of Tim Cook is that they release nothing to the public just randomly. So, in line with that philosophy, this is also a PR attempt intended to show another side of Apple’s business.

According to CNET, this press release also comes after Tim Cook’s congressional hearing that took place in July. Then there was the antitrust probe opened by the European Competition Commission that came as a result of Spotify’s complaint about their fees.

Apple’s fees when people make in-app purchases were also the basis for two more disputes with Facebook and Epic Games. Epic Game developers even created a payment processor that bypassed Apple’s 30% commission. However, Apple took note of that, and as a result, Epic’s blockbuster game, Fortnite, was removed from the App Store. Apple even stopped Facebook’s effort to reveal Apple’s fees to its users.

It’s no secret that Apple has been portrayed as a greedy evil corp that only cares about profit and money. The latest press release is undoubtedly an effort to combat that. It shows the company is responsible and contributes to the economy by creating new jobs in a time of crisis.

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