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Apple’s top-of-the-line MacBook Pro will set you back a ridiculous $6K

Charging $6K for a laptop almost feels criminal.

apple 16 inch macbook pro pricing with premium features
Image: Apple

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Apple’s new MacBook Pro models are finally here. And if you have money to burn, Apple is opening the floodgates for preordering right now. 

There are a wide variety of options and sizes to choose from, but if you’re looking for the top-of-the-line model fully decked out with maximum storage and memory, just know it doesn’t come cheap. 

So how much does it cost? We highly recommend taking a seat for this. A fully decked-out 16-inch MacBook Pro with 8TB SSD storage and 64GB memory is going to set you back $6,099. Yes, $6,100 for a laptop with all the bells and whistles.

Naturally, the number of people looking to buy this model from Apple is extremely low, and the average consumer really has no business buying it. But for folks who work with video and other intensive media projects, this is something that might be worth looking into. Even so, the price is still staggering. 

both sizes of 2021 macbook pro models
Image: KnowTechie

Now, I priced out something less intensive for an average Joe like me, and still, the price is up there. For example, a 16-inch MacBook Pro with the latest M1 Max chip with 64GB of memory and 1TB of storage space costs $3,899. That’s not cheap by any means. 

Will I still buy it? Probably. But I could also opt for the model that includes the new M1 Pro chip vs. the one with the M1 Max, but even the best version of that comes to $3,899. There’s no easy way to put it; I’m going to have to pay a lot of money to get one of these.

Sadly this is always the case. It’s no secret that Apple’s MacBook Pro models are insanely expensive, but these new prices bring it to a whole new level.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,999 and the 16-inch MacBook Pro starts at $2,499. You can order today, with availability next week, both in silver and space gray.

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