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iOS 15.1 finally lets you disable Apple TV keyboard notifications – here’s how

If these little notifications annoy you, thankfully there’s something you can do. Here’s what to know.

ios 15.1 settings app showing notification for apple tv keyboard use
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One of the most useful features of Apple’s tightly integrated product stack is being able to use your iPhone or iPad as a keyboard when you need to type something on your Apple TV. I mean, using a remote control to type is just atrocious, right?

That little notification on my iPhone when a text field appears on my Apple TV is a godsend, but I can understand if they get annoying to some users, especially if they have multiple Apple TV units in their home.

For some reason, Apple removed the ability to quieten these notifications in iOS 15, but they’re back in iOS 15.1 so let’s show you how to turn off those notifications.

Here’s how to turn off Apple TV Keyboard notifications

One thing before we continue. If you are already on iOS 15.1 and can’t see the Apple TV Keyboard section in the Notifications menu, you might need to turn your Apple TV on and tap on one of the Apple TV Keyboard notifications before it will appear in the Settings app.

This guide works for both iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1:

  1. Open the Settings app ios settings app

  2. Tap on Notifications

  3. Scroll down until you see Apple TV Keyboard and tap on itios 15.1 settings app showing notification for apple tv keyboard use

  4. Tap the toggle switch next to Allow Notifications so it grays out

Now you won’t get a notification to type on your iPhone or iPad every time you’re using your Apple TV to search for things.

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Personally, I’ve found the ability to use my iPhone’s keyboard as a remote for my Apple TV invaluable, as I hate using the Apple TV‘s scroll-alphabet to input search terms, especially at night when I don’t want to use Siri for search.

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