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Are Xbox Series X controllers rechargeable?

In 2021, you would think Microsoft has made the switch, right?

xbox series x controller
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The new Xbox Series X controllers have come and they really didn’t change much from their predecessor. They are the same basic size and shape, but come with a couple of minor updated features, like an updated directional pad.

They’ve also introduced the new share button that allows users to instantly take a screenshot or record a certain amount of gameplay, all at the push of a button. I can see it now, it’ll be just like 2012 again with thousands of half-produced, 360p sniper montages set to EDM everywhere. I’m here for it.

While Microsoft has made a couple of minor improvements to the Xbox Series X controller, some things that users might have wanted to see improve in the new controllers may not have come quite yet. Yes, we’re talking about an internal, rechargeable battery.

So, are new Xbox controllers rechargeable?

Short answer: No

As you might have guessed, the Xbox Series X controllers are not yet rechargeable. This means you can still help support your local Dollar General by purchasing AA batteries by the pound on a regular basis (or, ya know, Amazon).

However, like previous versions of Xbox controllers, there is an external, rechargeable battery kit that you can buy straight from Microsoft. The newer controller is equipped with a USB-C charging port on the front, so it does allow for slightly quicker charging times. I know, it’s not good enough.

All jokes aside, the Xbox Series X controller does not yet have an internal, rechargeable battery. I do wish they had made the jump to internal batteries, like Playstation did over a decade ago. The rechargeable battery pack seems to be a decent option, though it will cost extra.

However, with all of the focus being on compatibility and versatility, there very well may soon be a new Xbox controller out with an internal battery.

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