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Armin Missaghi explains the merits of integrating smart home technology 

Armin Missaghi is a proponent of smart home design. With these diverse home systems, everyone can find smart home elements that work for their family.

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Smart home design has become extremely popular over the last few years. From the simplest set-ups to intricate systems that integrate security, lighting, audio and video, and voice-control, smart home design is scalable and accessible to all. Armin Missaghi, a luxury home builder from Los Angeles, details the various smart systems that can be used in a new or existing home.

Voice Control

Many families have an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device. These devices can perform basic tasks like turning lights on and off, starting and stopping music, and managing to-do lists and memos. The power of one of these stand-alone units can be enhanced when they are connected to a variety of home systems.

Lighting Systems

Lighting systems can be controlled in a smart home system. Whether it is room by room or integrating the entire home, smart devices are able to manage the various outlets and circuits needed to perform this task.

Smart lighting can also include color-changing LEDs, bringing every home a fun and relaxing atmosphere.


A smart home system can be used to manage a home security system as well. Turning the alarm on and off, as well as providing a panic button and monitoring footage are all possible with a smart home system.

Smart door locks are another integral part of the modern security system. Locks can be engaged from anywhere with Wi-Fi controls. Fingerprint locks are also becoming popular, along with card entry like that used in hotels.


Smart home systems can help a family stay organized. Smart refrigerators have the ability to keep track of their contents and to make lists when items are running out.

Voice-controlled systems are also useful when making lists or shopping for items. Parents should be aware of their voice control settings to prevent small children from ordering items without permission.


A smart home can be a fully integrated entertainment experience. Carrying music from room to room, smart speakers can adjust to everyone’s preferred styles of music. They can also control TV and home theater systems. Many high-end cable boxes include the ability to see caller ID and answer phone calls directly from the cable menu itself.

Uses in the Bathroom

It may seem peculiar, but Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology are making it into the bathroom as well. They can monitor the fill level and temperature of the bathtub. A technological advance which is generally not connected to the rest of the smart home system is the washlet toilet. These toilets contain a variety of advanced features including water jets, heating, and lighting.

In the Laundry Room

Samsung makes a device called the QuickDrive Washer, connected to your phone via Bluetooth. This enables you to check on your load’s progress from anywhere in the house. You can also schedule a wash cycle for the future.

Keeping the House Clean

One of the most popular smart home items is the robotic vacuum. While these vacuums are directed by sensors, they are often not integrated into the smart home system. New models are being made which can talk to the smart home system and find out which rooms they should be cleaning and when.

Smart Beds

Smart bed technology has been available for a few years already, but this field is advancing rapidly. The most important advance in the field of the smart bed is the ability to track sleep cycles and adjust itself according to your needs. This can help to combat snoring and restlessness. The popularity of adjustable beds means that more people are able to enjoy the benefits of smart sleep.

Charging Capabilities

In the furniture industry, USB and wireless charging capabilities are becoming game-changers. More beds, chairs, and kitchen appliances are including USB and wireless chargers. Furniture makers like IKEA are beginning to integrate wireless charging into their designs.

Window Treatments

Another home element that can be automated is the window treatment. Blinds, curtains, and shades can be adjusted on a schedule or on-demand. This can help to cut down on energy loss as well as waking you up and putting you to sleep naturally.

Building Smart Homes

When building a new home, it is easy to integrate these smart home technologies around a single hub. Choosing your hub is an important starting point for building a smart home. For simplicity’s sake, many people choose to use an Alexa or Google Home device, but Apple also makes a home management product.

Enjoying Your Smart Home

Armin Missaghi is a proponent of smart home design. With these diverse home systems, everyone can find smart home elements that work for their family. Depending on the age of your children and the needs of each resident of the house, you can customize nearly every aspect of your home life. Understanding how to set up a smart home will help you choose the best items for you.

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