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Samantha Rivers

Midwest girl, freelance writer/editor at UpwardOnward who doesn't mind getting a little dirt & grease under her perfectly manicured fingernails on occasion.

Stories By Samantha Rivers

  • roku smooth streaming stick roku smooth streaming stick

    A look at the best technologies for a smooth streaming experience

    From mobile to gaming, streaming has almost become a way of life.

  • machine learning cell phones machine learning cell phones

    Machine learning in smartphones

    Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence. With it, your smartphone will be able to think for itself – at...

  • august-smart-lock august-smart-lock

    How to prep your home for vacation absence

    If you're going on vacation soon and leaving an empty home behind, here are some helpful products to help you prep...

  • google Health technology google Health technology

    How technology can improve your health

    Technology helps us accomplish goals and complete tasks more efficiently and with less effort. In fact, technology often helps us accomplish...

  • Savings Savings

    How to bounce back from 2016 and save in the new year

    Did your bank account take a hit in 2016? Here's some tips and tricks to help you get some better savings...

  • Galaxy Note 7 Galaxy Note 7

    What carriers are doing about the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (and what you should do!)

    How is your carrier handling the whole exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 situation? Get all the answers you're looking for below.

  • Rio Olymp Rio Olymp

    Best summer tech for traveling to the Rio Olympics 2016

    If you're heading out to the Summer Rio Olympics 2016 games this year, you might want to pack your bag with...

  • technology technology

    How technology has made moving tolerable

    It's no secret, technology is making everything in easier, even moving.

  • Tricks and tech tips for nervous flyers ready to embark on a flight

    Flying can be stressful, luckily these tech tips will make it a whole lot easier.

  • Technology Travel Technology Travel

    How technology has transformed the way we travel

    Thanks to technology, exploring the unknown has evolved into a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

  • Tech Advancements Tech Advancements

    Tech advances that are preparing students for the future of work

    Students who leverage and master this tech could be the entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business leaders, and inventors of tomorrow.

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