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The best weapons for noobs in Monster Hunter World

Get properly equipped to kick some dino ass.

monster hunter world
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Monster Hunter World is kind enough to grant all 14 weapon types from the beginning of the game, and this can be scary at first. There are a lot of weapons to choose from, and in the beginning, players don’t know the difference between a Switch-Axe and a bow gun.

If you have gone through the first couple of hours feeling uncomfortable, then you might need to switch up your weapons to fit your playstyle. Here are three of the best suggestions we can give you.

Light Bowgun

monster hunter world light blowgun

Image: YouTube

Nine times out of ten I prefer ranged weapons, so it made sense that I leaned towards the Bowgun, and there are tons of them in Monster Hunter World. Bowguns in the game has been revamped to work like a typical third-person shooter along with the gunner class now able to wear the same armor as melee-weapon users. Finally!

If you like ranged weapons, try out the Light Bowgun. The Heavy Bowgun deals more damage, but the Light Bowgun is a lot more mobile and more comfortable to control in Monster Hunter World. The Bowgun is straightforward and easy to learn. Literally, you just have to aim, shoot, reload, rinse and repeat. As you get more advanced in Monster Hunter World, you will eventually toss in some dodge rolls and neat tricks. You will have to buy or craft all of your ammo, which can be a beat if a hassle. However, the Bowgun grants you valuable distance, and distance is almost more important than ammo in this game.

At the end of the day, Bowguns is like learning the piano: easy to learn, while being hard to master. Keep in mind, this is the underlying meta in Monster Hunter, so don’t let that talk you down.

Shield and Sword

monster hunter world shield and sword

Image: YouTube

Everybody has a fallback weapon, and mine is the Shield and Sword. In the past Monster Hunter games, players started out with the Shield and Sword, so some players are most comfortable starting with ole reliables. The sword and shield grant excellent mobility, easy combos, and the ability to slash and dash. Did you know you can cut off tails? Try it and tell me that it isn’t fun. You can’t and won’t.

The shield and sword are excellent weapons for players who are very mobile and like rolling around the map like a tumbleweed in the desert. It’s incredibly easy to attack and dash away within seconds to avoid close melee or bashing attacks. If the situation does get hairy, you can always use your shield to block away damage. For beginner players who are looking to learn the system and movement patterns of enemies, these two are a great pair to walk you through what Monster Hunter World has to offer.

Dual Blades

monster hunter world dual blades

Image: YouTube

In a blink of an eye, your enemy could be dead, or it could be you staring death in the face. Dual Blades are ideal for players who are used to the fast-paced gameplay. The dual blades aren’t as easy to use as the sword and shield and indeed isn’t as forgiving. Since you don’t have a shield to protect from damage, you will be taking any coming your way. I do have to say that you do look bad ass as you swing through enemies like butter. Of all the weapons I recommended, I think the dual blades are best used for players who are comfortable with movements and patterns in Monster Hunter World.

I think these are the most comfortable weapons to use in the beginning for new players, but ultimately it comes down to whatever makes you feel comfortable and what weapons you have the most fun with in Monster Hunter World. I have the most fun with Bowguns, but my boyfriend prefers blades. It all comes down to playstyle and preference.

What are your favorite weapons in Monster Hunter World? Do you agree with our choices? Let us know in the comments below! 

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