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Black Friday extravaganza: Save up to $900 on a Carbo eBike

More than $900 in savings on the world’s lightest carbon folding eBike limited to 100 lucky riders.

A person sits on the grass reading a map beside a folded bicycle, in a tranquil outdoor setting with trees in the background.
Image: CARBO

Hey, cycling and tech enthusiasts! This Black Friday brings with it an exciting opportunity to be a part of the new era in eBikes.

Get ready to experience the wonders of cycling technology with CARBO, the creator of the world’s lightest folding electric bike.

CARBO is all set to supercharge this holiday season with a phenomenal exclusive offer that is guaranteed to light up your ride and lighten your wallet.


A black, modern-looking folding bicycle with the label "CARBO ebike" stands on a paved surface against a blurred natural background.
Image: CARBO

CARBO presents the pinnacle of eBike design and performance through its exceptional models – the CARBO Model S and Model X.

Renowned for their lightweight, user-friendly designs starting at just 13 kg (about 28.7 lbs), these e-bikes deliver remarkable performance without the typical burdensome weight of traditional ebikes.”

The Model S and Model X each set their own unique standards in e-bike agility, strength, and comfort, offering an effortless ride every single time.

Whether you’re gliding through city streets or navigating rough trails, these e-bikes ensure a seamless and enjoyable ride, irrespective of the terrain.


A black folding bike with the label "CARBO" is displayed against a vibrant purple background, featuring compact wheels and a sleek design.
Image: KnowTechie

Lightweight and versatile, the CARBO Model X stands as your quintessential choice for everyday commuting. At its heart is a Bafang 250W high torque hub motor, allowing it to reach a top speed of 20 mph (approximately 32 km/h).

Powered by a 36V x 6.7 Ah Samsung battery, it boasts a range of 25 to 40 miles (about 40 – 64 km), varying with the level of pedal assistance used.

A highlight of Model X is its hydraulic disc brakes, delivering superior stopping power for a safer ride. Plus, with its unique folding mechanism, the Model X is compact and quite the lightweight champion, starting at just 29 lbs (approximately 13 kg).


This image displays a black CARBO brand folding electric bicycle against a vibrant purple background. The bike features a compact design and disc brakes.
Image: KnowTechie

Meanwhile, the CARBO Model S emerges as a formidable contender, delivering in both the realms of workouts and daily commutes.

Like Model X, Model S is powered by a 250W motor. However, it notably offers nine-speed options through its Shimano derailleur.

It utilizes a 36V x 6.7 Ah Samsung battery similar to Model X, achieving a comparable range of 25 to 40 miles. Instead of hydraulic brakes, as in the Model X, the Model S operates with mechanical brakes.

A shared feature between the two models is the LED display with Bluetooth compatibility, promoting an interactive and smart riding experience.

At 33 lbs (approximately 15 kg), the Model S is slightly heavier than the Model X but continues to uphold the brand’s reputation for lightweight and robust designs.

With CARBO’s Model S and Model X, what you get are two e-bikes distinctively designed for mobility, comfort, durability, and superior rider experience. Unleash these innovations and let them redefine what it means to ride an e-bike!

Who are Carbo eBikes for?

A black, modern bicycle is suspended against a vivid purple background. The image highlights the bike's sleek design and components with clean lines. Carbo ebike
Image: KnowTechie

CARBO’s eBikes are for everyone who seeks adventure, demands comfort, and desires an effortless ride. For those who are influenced by style as well as substance, the innovative folding design fits the bill.

And for the environmentally conscious, the electric model reduces carbon footprint, making it a perfect companion for those who care for Mother Earth.

If you value savings and aim to grab the best in the eBiking world, then this limited offer should be on your list.

Starting at $1,949.00, including a free rack and fenders, plus an extended 5-year frame warranty and 3-year electric component warranty, it’s a top investment for your lifestyle and health.

Final thoughts

CARBO’s Black Friday offer is more than just an average shopping deal. It’s an invitation to join the lightest eBike community, connect with like-minded riders, and explore new frontiers of riding experiences.

Experience a biking revolution! CARBO’s groundbreaking e-bikes redefine cycling with advanced features. And Exclusively for the first 100 riders, save over $900. Don’t miss out—grab this Black Friday offer by signing up on their website now!

Let’s make this holiday season memorable with CARBO, your companion, for an elevated riding experience. More than an eBike, it’s a revolution. Jump on, ride forward, and experience the change.

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