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Get where you’re going faster with the C3STROM Astro Pro Ebike

The Astro Pro isn’t your typical ebike. Its retro design and high performance are more like a motorcycle than any ebike on the market. 

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If you’re considering purchasing a new ebike, the CSTROM Astro Pro is an option to consider

The Astro Pro is as close as an ebike gets to a motorcycle, with its stylish design and powerful motor. 

With its long-lasting battery and impressive top speed, the Astro Pro is a great option for daily commutes or any weekend fun. 

The Astro Pro is considered a commuter bike made for the road with street tires and a vintage motorcycle design. It can be a great alternative to a traditional bike or even a full vehicle. 

You can get a C3STROM Astro Pro for $2,699 from the company’s website. So let’s see what it’s all about. 

Classic design for a modern ride

astro ebike
Image: C3STROM

C3STROM takes a lot of inspiration from classic rebel motorcycles in the design of the Astro Pro. It has a relatively wide body and seat for an extra comfortable ride. 

The bike’s seat sits at around 30 inches, and the bike is 70 X 42 inches. It’s also a bit heavier, weighing in at 94.5 pounds. So don’t expect to pedal the Astro Pro around too much without help from the motor. 

It has a rear rack attachment with a 33-pound carrying capacity. That makes it great for strapping groceries or deliveries to the back of the bike for easy transportation. 

ebike specs
Image: KnowTechie

There’s also an included 3.5-inch LCD display on the handlebars of the Astro Pro. You can connect your iPhone or Android smartphone to the screen via Bluetooth. 

The Astro Pro comes street-legal. That means it’s fully equipped with a 130 Lux headlight with high and low beams. Plus, there are fully-functioning turn signals on the front and back and an LED tail light. 

There’s even an electronic horn integrated into the headlight in case you need to let someone know you’re coming. 

Impressive performance 

While it technically is a class 2 road-legal ebike out of the box, the Astro Pro feels more like an electric motorcycle on the road. 

The Astro Pro is pretty fast and efficient for a bike this size. A lot of that is contributed to the powerful 750W motor. The motor offers peak wattage of up to 1800W, leading to 80Nm of torque to the rear wheel. 

That motor lets you ride up to 20 MPH on the ebike without pedaling. With pedal assist, you can turn the ebike into a class 3 that can go up to 28 MPH on the road. 

If you connect your phone to the bike, you can switch between standard and offroad modes.

With offroad mode, you can get an extra 4 MPH, letting you cruise at 32 MPH. That’s incredibly fast for an ebike. 

It carries a 1040Wh Samsung battery that’s neatly situated inside the bike’s frame. That battery is rated for up to 32 miles of range if you use the throttle. 

If you’re pedaling alongside the motor, you can boost that range up to 78 miles. You can even add an extra battery on the back rack of the bike to double its range. 

Hit the road on the C33STROM Astro Pro 

astro bike
Image: KnowTechie

The C3STROM Astro Pro isn’t your typical ebike. Its retro design and high performance are more like a motorcycle than any ebike on the market. 

It has a powerful motor that leads to impressive speeds. Plus, it’s street-legal as a class 2 ebike right out of the box. 

With pedal assist, you can turn the Astro Pro into the perfect commuter ebike with up to 78 miles of range on a single charge.

And you’ll have a smooth, comfortable ride thanks to the fat tires and wide leather seat. 

The C3STROM Astro Pro is available on the company’s website for $2,699. Click below for more information. 

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