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Blackview unveils a bundle of new flagship devices

Blackview unveils flagship devices: the performance king BV9300 rugged phone and the ultra-comfortable AirBuds 10 Pro earphones.

The image shows the various colors of the Blackview BV9300 AirBuds 10 Pro headphones. Full Text: Blackview . Blackview Blackview Rock Grey Orange Green Pearl White Black BV9300 AirBuds 10 Pro
Image: Blackview

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Blackview, the innovative technology brand, is preparing to release the highly anticipated flagship BV9300 rugged phone and peerless comfortable AirBuds 10 Pro earbuds.

BV9300 is a game-changer with a revolutionary laser rangefinder, flashlight, up to 21 GB RAM and 256GB ROM, octa-core Helio G99 processor, 15080mAh battery, and 50MP+32MP camera with ArcSoft® 3.0 algorithm.

These five breakthrough upgrades in ruggedness, fluency, battery, camera, and OS make BV9300 the perfect choice for people with an active and rugged lifestyle.

AirBuds 10 Pro features advanced air conduction technology and an open-ear design, providing business, leisure, and sports enthusiasts with ultimate comfort, unparalleled sound quality, and a unique appearance. Here’s a sneak peek of what we know so far.

2023 new flagship rugged phone – performance king Blackview BV9300

A collection of cell phones is present.
Image: Blackview

Considering the handy, safe, and professional accurate measurement needs of construction workers, outdoor explorers, and sports enthusiasts, BV9300 features an innovative laser rangefinder that can measure a height of up to 40 meters.

The Blackview BV9300 phone specs in purple background
Image: KnowTechie

With an impressive 1mm accuracy and a quick response time of just 0.3 seconds.

Whether measuring lengths, areas, and volumes during indoor decorating and furniture installation or measuring safe distances during extreme outdoor sports or fire survival situations, BV9300 is well-suited for various applications.

Simply press the customized shortcut button to access the rangefinder and start measuring quickly.

By putting user safety and practicality first, BV9300 is an ideal choice for anyone who needs to quickly and accurately measure distances on a daily basis.

Blackview BV9300 pictures
Image: KnowTechie

Blackview understands the lighting needs of users while traveling or working, and BV9300 standard version comes equipped with a 100-lumen super-bright flashlight.

This flashlight can illuminate up to 10 meters away, providing users with brighter, clearer, and safer lighting.

Whether exploring a route, searching for lost items, night fishing, or camping, BV9300 can meet the lighting needs of most users.

World Premiere
Blackview BV9300 G99 Rugged Phone

The BV9300 rugged phone is a game-changer with a revolutionary laser rangefinder, flashlight, 15080mAh battery, and 50MP+32MP camera with ArcSoft® 3.0 algorithm. It also boasts up to 21 GB RAM and 256GB ROM, and an octa-core Helio G99 processor.

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In terms of safety, users can use the flashlight to simplify long-distance communication by sending signals similar to Morse code in areas with poor signals.

Alternatively, users can use the flashlight’s built-in SOS strobe mode to send a distress signal, quickly notifying rescuers or nearby people for help in emergencies.

Moreover, BV9300 not only eliminates the hassle of carrying heavy flashlights but also greatly enhances personal safety at night, enabling users to enjoy outdoor travel and work easily.

This image is showcasing the Blackview BV9300 rugged phone which has been upgraded with a 100-lumen super-bright flashlight with SOS strobe, used for emergency situations, night photography, camping, and night travel. Full Text: Blackview BV9300 Ruggedness Upgrades 100-Lumen Super-bright Flashlight with SOS strobe As Bright As Daylight Used as a SOS signal light in case of emergency Used as a fill light for night photography Find what you are looking dark area Used as a 100-lumen bulb that lasts for up to 59 hrs Up to 41-hour continuous use of Flashlight İK Avold danger in No fear of passing through Detect congarous wiclife night travel st tracks at night Used as a camping lantern tomake travel easier and lighter and people in time
Image: KnowTechie

To cater to the demands of outdoor enthusiasts and workers, BV9300 has a built-in phone lanyard hook that allows users for easy access to the phone while preventing it from being dropped or lost during outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or outdoor work.

It also boasts MIL-STD-810H military certification, leading IP68 and IP69K waterproof ratings, and a Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5-protected screen, ensuring reliable and durable performance in harsh environments like rainforests and deserts.

With BV9300, users can rest assured that the phone is always within reach.

Avant-garde battery upgrade

This image is showing the features and benefits of the Blackview BV9300 battery, which has a 15,080mAh capacity and 33W fast charge with customized charging mode, providing longer battery life, efficient charging, and up to 1828 hrs of standby. Full Text: Blackview BV9300 Battery Upgrades Dual Electric Cores 15,080mAh = 4 x mobiles of Intelligent Charging Protection 33W Fast Charge regular battery capacity & Customized Charging Mode 3.5 hr Charge = 1828 tirs of Standby 33W OTHER OTHER OTHER OTHER + + + MA 3,770mAh 3,770mAh 3,770mAh 3,770mAh Longer Battery Lifespan Efficiency of Charging Safety Up to 1828 hrs of up to 575 hrs of Reverse Charge Standby Continuous Navigation OTHER BV9300 15G30 up to 84 hrs of Solid-state Battery SOS up to 17 hrs of Emergency call O Continuous Photo Shooting Up to 8 Devices Support Security Durability 10,080mAh up to 84 hrs of up to 54 hrs of Continuous Calling Continuous Music Play
Image: KnowTechie

Solid-state 15,080mAh battery, completely kill your power anxiety

To ensure users’ safety and provide stable and long-lasting battery life during navigation, communication, and emergency situations outdoors, BV9300 features a 15,080mAh solid-state battery and 33W fast charging, with the use of a dual-cell battery, improving safety during use.

With just 3.5 hours of charging time, the standby time can last up to 1,828 hours, even during trips spanning up to 8,280 km, such as those along the Euro, Asia, Africa,n or American circuits, without any battery anxiety.

Additionally, the quad-navigation and compass offer continuous service for up to 575 hours, while the non-stop emergency call time is up to 84 hours, and the flashlight can last for 59 hours.

Even in caves, rainforests, or during emergencies, BV9300 provides reliable support for adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and workers.

The upgraded glove mode ensures users can operate BV9300 with high sensitivity even in extremely cold conditions of -30°C/-22°F while wearing thick gloves, keeping them connected at all times.

Forceful fluency upgrade

This image is showing the features and specs of a Blackview BV9300 smartphone, including its RAM, ROM, CPU, display, and cooling system. Full Text: Blackview BV9300 Fluency Upgrades Atomized Memory 12GB RAM + 9GB Expansion - Up to Mediatek Helio G99 256GB ROM + Up to Integrated 17% 21GB RAM 2º Cortex-A76 (2.2GHZ)* 6nm 1TB Expandable Cooling System 6ª Cortex-A55 (2.0GHZ Storage Up to 18ª℃ More Fluent Multitasking Temperature 12G Reduction 18. RAM 9G RAM @mitant Temperature at App start-up .... 43.8℃ In CPU-intensive Games Low Memory Killer 25% faster 50% more fluency .... More Fluent 15% LPDDR4X + Cooling Graphite & Copper Foil UFS2.1 7,392mm2 Cooling Silicon 144mm2 Arm Mali-G57 CM2 AnTuTu 353283 GP As fast as 5G chipset 120Hz Thinner & Lighter Dynamic Refresh Rate Tough CORNING® GORILLA® GLASS 5 Incell Display 391 PPI 2.3K Display Multi-touch FHD+ IPS 1080*2388 10-point 120HZ 500 nits Resolution Panel type Catch up with fast-moving 3D games Brightness 21:9 İK 240Hz 81% Aspect Ratio Touch Sampling Rate Screen to Body Ratio 6.7 inch
Image: KnowTechie

Octa-core Helio G99(6nm) & up to 21GB RAM & 256GB ROM & 120Hz adaptive refresh rate

To provide users with the ultimate usage experience, whether it’s for gaming, streaming videos, traveling, or working in daily life, Blackview BV9300, as performance king, is equipped with an octa-core MediaTek Helio G99 processor.

Which has a maximum clock speed of up to 2.2GHz, up to 21 GB RAM and Atomic Memory, increasing the overall fluency of BV9300 by 50%.

With a benchmark score of up to 353,283 on Antutu, comparable to 5G chips, seamless multitasking is ensured, and users can smoothly run up to 20 apps.

Additionally, BV9300’s 6.7-inch 2.3K display supports a 120Hz dynamic refresh rate and 10-point touch, providing a smoother experience when launching and switching between apps.

Combining this with the high-quality sound provided by the smart-PA box large speaker, taking the users’ audiovisual experience to a new level. 

In addition, to enable users to store all their important files, photos, videos, music, and apps without ever having to worry about running out of space, Blackview BV9300 offers a whopping 256GB ROM.

And for those who need even more space, BV9300 also supports up to 1TB TF expandable storage.

Captivating camera upgrade

This image is showcasing the features of the Blackview BV9300 camera, including upgraded cameras, ArcSoft 3.0 algorithms, improved HDR portrait mode, Super Night Mode, Beauty Mode, 360º Panorama, and Underwater Mode. Full Text: Blackview BV9300 Camera Upgrades Enhanced 32MP + 50 MP+8MP Cameras with ArcSoft 3.0 Algorithms ArcSoft® ArcSoft" ArcSoft® 17% ArcSoft ArcSoft® ArcSoft algorithm Improved HDR Portrait Mode Super Night Mode Brighter colors ArcSoft® Technology Beauty mode Discover the beauty per dat Enhance your Reveal your true self sharper details natural beauty through the lens of night 360º Panorama Bringing the whole scene in one frame ArcSoft® Capture details even in the dark 50MP 32MP Brighter in low light Sharper in day light Rear Camera Front Camera Samsungs Samsunge ISOCELL JNI AF 1.8 ISOCELL GD2 FF 2.45 1/2.76" Underwater Mode 1/2.8" 25% Explore magic world beneath the waves Face Fill Light 25% Light sensitivity Light sensitivity 2K Beauty Icm Ultra-Macro 8MP 2MP Depth of Field True-Chroma Video Recording Explore the small 120ºUltra-wide The power of tas prote Master wonders İK - - 120
Image: KnowTechie

50 MP+32 MP cameras with ArcSoft 3.0 algorithms

The BV9300 is equipped with a 32MP Samsung® front camera and a 50MP Samsung® rear camera, designed to enhance users’ ability to take high-quality photos effortlessly.

Additionally, the phone features True Tone and Tetrapixel technology, ensuring brighter photos in low-light environments and clearer images in bright environments, making it easy to capture great shots in any lighting condition.

With a large 1/2.8-inch sensor, more light can enter the camera, increasing overall sensitivity by 25%. Whether users are traveling, taking photos at night, attending parties, or simply going about daily lives, BV9300 will capture memories in the most realistic way possible.

Moreover, BV9300 is powered by advanced ArcSoft® 3.0 algorithms and a range of impressive features, including face fill light in low-lit conditions, 120° ultra-wide, 1cm ultra-macro, beauty mode, portrait mode, 360° panorama, and 2K beauty video capture.

These features enable users to meet their photography needs in various scenarios and provide professional-quality content.

Furthermore, BV9300 offers exceptional value for money, making it the perfect choice for consumers who want a rugged phone with powerful all-around camera without breaking the bank.

OS upgrade

A black iPhone 12 with a mobile phone case and a screenshot of a multimedia gadget displayed on its screen is an everyday carry communication device.
Image; Blackview

To provide users with the ultimate experience in personalization, smoothness, convenience, BV9300 comes equipped with a brand new DokeOS 3.1 based on Android 12, which has a bunch of self-developed modes suitable for different scenarios.

New Focus Mode enables users to block out all external distractions when they need to concentrate.

New Health Mode allows users to track their fitness metrics, including steps, calories, time, or distance for activities such as running, walking, and cycling.

Cold Room function temporarily freezes less frequently used apps, effectively addressing lagging issues and saving more power and data usage.

Additionally, the system saves and optimizes RAM Fast and Atomic Memory for smoother operation.

State-of-the-art open-ear earbuds – Blackview flagship AirBuds 10 Pro

A pair of headphones and earphones are displayed in an artistic arrangement. AirBuds 10 Pro
Image: KnowTechie

Along with Blackview BV9300, Blackview’s brand new flagship open-ear earbud, AirBuds 10 Pro – are also worth anticipating.

Our earbuds offer unparalleled comfort, sound quality, and a unique appearance for business, leisure, and sports enthusiasts.

They feature stylish aesthetic design, advanced air conduction technology, a φ16.2mm dynamic large driver, ENC noise cancellation, and a 550mAh mega battery.

To cater users with ultimate comfort and safety while listening to audio, Blackview has launched its first high-end open-ear earbuds, AirBuds 10 Pro, which utilizes advanced air conduction technology.

This technology enables users to listen to crystal clear audio without needing to insert the earbuds into the ear canal.

This image is showing the features and benefits of the Blackview AirBuds 10 Pro, a wireless earbud with advanced noise canceling technology. Full Text: Blackview AirBuds 10 Pro 9.8g Only TPU Ear Hook Better ENC Effect Smart Touch Per Earbud Business Leisure Every Call Sounds to Operate Feel Like Nothing in Trendy Design More Natural and Clearer All Done Within Ear, Pocket, Anywhere Always be Special in One Finger Any Situation - Ergonomic Ear Hook Air Conduction Tech Open-Ear Design Advanced Noise No Ear Stress & Pain Canceling Tech Keep Comfortable No Ear Numbness High-level Privacy & Secure Fit Protection in Every Call SOUND TRAVEL SOGNO TRAMERE 12. Open-up Auto The Latest BT 5.2 Connection 16.2mm Dynamic Driver Faster, Steadier, and Smoother Easy Open & Easy Search Super Big in Size, Most Bluetooth® & Easy Click Powerful in Beat Ever 5.2 550mAh Long-lasting Battery Full Compatibility PC+ ABS Case Up to 36 hrs of 720 Songs Playback Android & IOS and HarmonyOS IP68 & IP69 36 Waterproof 15 mins of charging İK Better Wear-proof = Up to 70 mins of and Drop-proof music playback HOUR
Image: KnowTechie

Coupled with ergonomic ear hooks, a lightweight design of only 9.8g, and a skin-friendly TPU material, users can wear AirBuds 10 Pro for extended periods without feeling any discomfort, while also preventing ear infections and other injuries.

The AirBuds 10 Pro is designed to keep users connected while being aware of their surroundings during business, leisure, or sports activities.

Whether you’re driving and enjoying music, listening to podcasts or audiobooks, or jogging, you can stay connected while still being able to clearly hear the sound of your surroundings, such as car honks on the road or the striking of a golf club.

This image is advertising a product that provides unparalleled comfort and peace of mind while listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more while remaining aware of the environment. Full Text: Blackview AirBuds 10 Pro Unparalleled Comfort & Peace of Mind Advanced Air Conduction Tech & Enhanced Open-Ear Design & Improved Ergonomic Ear Hook & More Skin-friendly & Increased Drop-resistance SOUND TRAVEL VIA BONE ) )) SOUND TRAVEL 33 AVEL VIA AIR İK Listen to a podcast or audiobook Listen to classical music while stil Listen to the trainer's Enjoy music while simultaneously Watch movies for extended while remaining aware of the being able to hear the sound of voice during equestrian hearing the trainer's periods without experiencing sound of a golf club striking a ball water splashing while fishing practice and competitions instructions during workouts war fatique or discomfort
Image: KnowTechie

To ensure an unparalleled audio experience and immersive bass, midrange, and treble, AirBuds 10 Pro uses cutting-edge φ16.2mm dynamic large drivers, a frequency response range of 20Hz~20kHz, and SBC and AAC audio decoders.

Whether users are enjoying rock, pop, classical music, or especially hip-hop and R&B, AirBuds 10 Pro delivers concert-like thunderous bass, crisp midrange, and clear treble, providing a truly immersive audio experience that will leave users breathless.

Additionally, the AirBuds 10 Pro incorporates advanced technologies to provide crystal-clear calls and maintain privacy in any environment.

With ENC noise cancellation and beamforming technology, users can enjoy clear conversations in busy or quiet places, such as crowded airports, lively cocktail parties, or business dinners.

Sneak Peek
Blackview AirBuds 10 Pro

AirBuds 10 Pro: Features advanced air conduction technology and an open-ear design, it provides ultimate comfort, unparalleled sound quality, and a unique appearance for business, leisure, and sports enthusiasts.

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Moreover, AirBuds 10 Pro’s business leisure trendy design and skin-friendly material provide users with a sense of confidence and comfort during use, while also being eye-catching and attractive.

AirBuds 10 Pro is designed for long-lasting and uninterrupted audio playback.

The earbuds come with a built-in 550mAh battery, providing up to 36 hours of music playback with the charging case, and up to 6.5 hours of music playback and 4.1 hours of talk time on a single full charge.

Additonally, the AirBuds 10 Pro is an ideal companion for business work, long commutes, flights, outdoor traveling, camping, and other activities.

This image is demonstrating how ENC Noise Cancellation technology provides clearer and more natural voice communication experiences in various environments, such as busy city streets, crowded airports, and private calls in the car, meeting, or business dinner. Full Text: ENC Noise Cancellation for Better Audio Experience Make clear calls Clear video calls Share the thrill of to customers on with clients in Clear calls with busy city streets buyers in a fierce the game clearly crowded airports auction market with your family Beamforming Tech Provides Clearer and More Natural Voice Communication Experience Private calls in the car. Private calls in the meeting. Private calls in the business dinner.
Image: KnowTechie

Moreover, it adopts Bluetooth 5.2 technology with a stable range of up to 10 meters, allowing users to continue to enjoy music or stay connected on a call even when temporarily away from their phone.

To provide users with a more shock-resistant and durable experience in both business and outdoor activities, AirBuds 10 Pro is specifically designed with ergonomic ear hooks that fit snugly to the ear.

This will prevent accidental dislodging during intense activities or outdoor adventures.

Additionally, AirBuds 10 Pro boasts an IP68 & IP69 waterproof rating, reliably protecting against splashes, light rain, and sweat.

Whether users are running, exercising, horseback riding, playing golf, or traveling outdoors, AirBuds 10 Pro is the perfect companion for all hobbies and adventures.

Price and availability

Blackview BV9300 and AirBuds 10 Pro are now available at a special early bird price of $191.99 and $25.99 respectively.

This amazing offer will only be available for 5 days, starting from May 10th to 14th, 2023 PST. Don’t wait, take advantage of this limited-time deal and get your hands on these exceptional products now!

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