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BRD is a crypto app that keeps everything directly on the blockchain

The company also has its own utility token that can provide benefits to users.

brd crypto wallet and app
Image: BRD

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Crypto is once again a hot topic, but it can still feel like a bit of an exclusive club. There’s your main digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are countless alt coins that are also being used and traded constantly.

Then you have digital wallets and platforms like Coinbase that enable users to set up an account and trade currency directly through an app. Now, BRD is looking to take some of the ease-of-use of something like Coinbase and combine it with the security of a decentralized wallet.

This means that BRD is directly on the blockchain and theoretically makes it harder to hack. Instead of a standard password like one you would use on a website, you get a 12-word paper key. You don’t have to set up an account with BRD and there are no servers to be hacked.

You also get the convenience of an app by how you add money to your wallet. You can do this directly from a debit card, through crypto ATMs, and some convenience stores that allow it.

You do get some more standard app benefits, however, like a clean interface that makes buying and selling cryptocurrency easier. BRD also offers some perks for those that hold its own utility token (also called BRD). Things like technical support, calls with the CEO, and more are available. You don’t actually have to spend these tokens to get these perks, just have them in your wallet.

The BRD app is available on both Android and iOS.

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