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3 best sites to buy YouTube subscribers (100% real and active)

We take a look at the three safest places to buy YouTube subscribers on the web, all vetted for quality, authenticity, and value for money.

3 best sits to buy youtube subscribers

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Running a successful YouTube channel isn’t easy. With millions of YouTube creators all competing for the same attention, it takes something special to get ahead.

Incredibly, almost two-thirds of all online consumers worldwide are on YouTube. 122 million people use YouTube daily, and there are more than 2.7 billion active YouTube accounts worldwide.

With this kind of competition, it takes more quality content alone to make things happen. These days, an influential and impactful social media presence begins and ends with numbers.

In this case, consider how many subscribers you have on YouTube and how legit your channel looks as a result.

Youtube logo on blurred background
Image: KnowTechie

Your subscriber count sends a clear message to other users about your credibility and appeal. Ahead of all other YouTube metrics, the size of your audience is a make-or-break factor.

Hence, a great way to get ahead (and fast) is to buy YouTube subscribers. A popular and surprisingly effective YouTube growth strategy, buying subscribers can permanently transform the way people see your channel.

But this only applies to real YouTube subscribers – not the kind of spam that’s handed out by most YouTube growth specialists. Fake subscribers could lead to the suspension of your channel and are best avoided at all costs.

In the rankings below, we’ll be taking a look at three of the best YouTube marketing brands in the business. All of these have been put to the test and verified as the real deal.

First, look at the top sites to buy Youtube subscribers 

Person holding a phone with the youtube logo on the screen.
Image: Pexels

Best in the industry – Media Mister

Media Mister was one of the first big names on the social signals scene and is still leading the charge after over a decade.

They make buying YouTube subscribers from active and authentic accounts a breeze, and their customer support standards are unbeatable.

Second best GetAFollower

The products and services available at GetAFollower cover the broadest range of social media platforms on the web.

Their YouTube subscriber packages represent fantastic value for money, and all sales are even covered with a full refund guarantee.

Third best – Buy Real Media

Guarantees of 100% genuine subscribers combined with a fantastic retention warranty and comprehensively low prices make Buy Real Media a winner in social media growth circles.

A dynamic newcomer that’s already carved out a solid reputation.

Best sites to buy YouTube subscribers

1. Media Mister

Media master website
Image: KnowTechie

A noted name since 2012, Media Mister continues to set the standard on the YouTube engagement scene.

The diversity of their subscriber packages is second to none, encompassing everything from regular subscribers to NFT subs to geo-targeted subscribers from all over the world.

You can specify exactly where you want your paid subscribers to come from, including major markets like the USA, Arab Countries, France, Germany, Egypt & Morocco, Nigeria & Ghana, and more.

Dedicated live support is available via the Media Mister website, where you’ll also find many helpful resources on how their products work.

Importantly, this is by far the best place to buy real YouTube subscribers that are active YouTube users.

They exclusively deliver subscribers from active and authentic accounts – no spam, fakes, or bots…guaranteed.

Pricewise, Media Mister’s packages rank among the cheapest you’ll find from any seller. 100 authentic YouTube subscribers will cost you less than $20.00, or you can pick up 250 for less than $50.00.

For this, you get the guarantee of long-term (if not permanent) subscribers for your channel and a refill guarantee that applies for the first 60 days.

Put the pieces together, and it’s easy to see why Media Mister is still considered the best in the business – even by 2023’s high standards.

Read Media Mister review before buying

2. GetAFollower

Getafollower website
Image: KnowTechie

It’s an equally impressive story at GetAFollower, specializes in a broad range of niche products and packages for promoting YouTube channels.

Rated as the best place to buy NFT YouTube subscribers on the web, GetAFollower excels by catering to all possible requirements at rock-bottom prices.

500 legit subscribers from these guys (real and active) will set you back no more than $90.00, and their country-targeted subscribers start from around five dollars.

Placing orders with GetAFollower is just about as easy as it gets. No sensitive information or YouTube password requests – you point them at your profile and pay for your order by credit card (or any other popular payment method).

GetAFollower uses a drip-feed delivery system to maintain discretion, and their customer support reps are available during normal office hours.

Another cool feature at GetAFollower is the option of contacting them directly to request bulk orders and bespoke combined packages.

If you need something that is not listed on their website, you can always hit them up with a special request.

Definitely worth checking out, and a great place to head for promotional packages for pretty much every social network in existence.

Read GetAFollower review before buying

3. Buy Real Media

Buy real media website
Image: KnowTechie

In the bronze medal position comes Buy Real Media – undoubtedly the best place to buy YouTube subscribers at ridiculously low prices.

Their promotional products for YouTube start from as little as two dollars and yet still come with a full money-back guarantee.

Buy Real Media stakes claim to deliver only 100% active YouTube subscribers, which is completely identical to the real thing.

Despite being around only a few years, Buy Real Media has already built a solid track record and reputation.

They’ve been diversifying their product line-up since day one, and today have a broad range of promotional services to rival those of the best in the business.

The site’s privacy policy and T&Cs documents make for reassuring reading – particularly where safety, security, and privacy are concerned.

These guys clearly understand the concerns of their customers and acknowledge the importance of keeping things on the down low.

For anyone looking to test the waters with a low-cost package, Buy Real Media is the place to head. With real YouTube subscribers on the cards from just two dollars, this is about as close to being handed free social signals as you’ll ever get.

And again, all with a refund guarantee thrown in for good measure, which is pretty remarkable.

Benefits of buying YouTube subscribers

Why you need to buy social media engagements
Image: Media Mister

Buying YouTube subscribers is about more than first impressions. The number of subscribers you have sends a powerful and permanent message about the credibility of your channel.

It tells people whether your content is worth checking out and whether you’re worth keeping an eye on. Importantly, it also tells the YouTube algorithm whether your videos are worth promoting to other users.

When you buy YouTube subscribers, you gain instant access to all of these benefits. Buying subscribers immediately boosts the appeal of your channel while at the same time making your content more engaging.

It motivates more organic subscribers to get on board with what you do and presents you to the world as a credible creator.

Plus, the more subscribers your channel has, the higher you can expect to rank for searches within your niche.

Social signals are key to visibility on competitive platforms like YouTube, so why not buy them for an instant and permanent performance boost?

How to buy YouTube subscribers? Things to look for on a website

Youtube oh iphone ads
Image: Unsplash

Before placing an order for social signals online, it is important to conduct a few basic quality and performance checks.

The most vital of these are as follows:

Positive customer reviews

The feedback a social media growth company has collected over time will tell you all you need to know about its reliability.

If they have a solid reputation and an established track record, chances are they can be trusted to deliver.

Cost-effective packages

Value for money should always be prioritized over rock-bottom prices. What matters most is the authenticity (and safety) of the products being sold.

Cheap prices are always a bonus, but it’s more important to ensure the social signals on sale are 100% legit.

Strong customer support

Man at desk providing customer support over the phone
Image; Pexels

Quality customer support is indicative of a safe and reliable social media specialist. Where necessary, it should be made as quick and easy as possible for customers to reach out to reps with their questions.

Low-grade customer support typically indicates a seller that’s not worth buying from.

Safety and security

Safety and security should always be the top priorities of a social media growth company.

This means safeguarding customers’ private information submitted while ordering and maintaining discretion at all times.

All sales of social signals should be kept 100% anonymous, without exception.

Money-back guarantee

A refund guarantee covers you against all possible outcomes. You either get the products and services you were promised, or you get a refund of the original purchase price.

This is perhaps the biggest and most important show of confidence a seller can offer and is, therefore, a deal breaker.

Natural delivery time

Social signal delivery times should be identical to the time it takes to collect organic social signals. With subscribers, it must look like you are collecting them naturally – not buying them.

A gradual, drip-feed delivery system is always safer than dangerous ‘instant’ delivery.

Multiple payment methods

Last, it also makes sense to ensure that the seller you choose accepts your preferred form of payment.

From credit cards to PayPal to bitcoin and so on, you can buy social signals online with almost any popular payment method.

Each of the three sellers in our rankings was evaluated on the basis of these metrics and, in all instances, outperformed comparable YouTube specialists by a clear margin.

How to get more YouTube subscribers?

Youtube logo on laptop showing content and subscribers
Image: Unsplash

Buying YouTube subscribers can be great for an initial boost, but you still need to focus on attracting as many organic subscribers as possible.

By far, the most effective ways of growing a YouTube channel organically are as follows:

Focus on video quality

Above all else, it is the quality of the content you put out that will determine what happens next.

The key to a successful YouTube channel lies in unique content of the highest quality, which offers something of genuine value to its intended target audience.

Upload regularly

Consistency also plays an important role in building and maintaining a successful YouTube channel. The average social media user has a (very) short attention span and needs a constant supply of entertainment to stay hooked.

The more often you post high-quality content, the easier it becomes to gain (and retain) organic followers.

Collaborate with influencers

One of the best ways of driving an immediate engagement boost is to collaborate with influencers. A single high-profile collaboration could be all it takes to see your channel explode in popularity.

Don’t wait for these kinds of opportunities to fall into your lap – pitch your proposals to high-profile figures in your niche on a regular basis.

Build a community

Building a community on YouTube is all about engagement and interaction. Embracing the ‘social’ side of social media means taking the time to engage with your target audience on a constant basis.

Watch their videos, follow them, leave likes, share their content, comment on their videos, and generally lead by example.

Run contests

Last up, nothing greases the wheels on social media in general quite like a giveaway. Running contests never fails to work wonders – particularly when it comes to getting new followers on board.

All you need to do is come up with something people will actually want to win and make it mandatory to subscribe to your channel to take part.


Close up of apps on phone
Image: Pixabay

Yes – authentic YouTube subscribers (real people with active and authentic accounts) are 100% legal to buy.

YouTube only prohibits the purchase of fake subscribers from spam accounts, which could lead to the suspension of your channel.

How do you monetize a YouTube channel?

In order to join the YouTube Partner Program and monetize your channel, you need to have a least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year.

As it is possible to buy authentic subscribers and watch time hours online, doing so is the quickest and easiest way to get your channel monetized.

Are these subscribers from real accounts?

In the case of the three sellers outlined above, the answer is yes – their subscribers are real.

Media Mister, GetAFollower, and Buy Real Media all guarantee nothing but 100% authentic subscribers of the highest quality. Each of which is a real and active member of the YouTube community.

Can I get free YouTube subscribers?

Some sellers claim to offer free YouTube subscribers, which almost always tend to be fake (bots). While it can be tempting to claim free subscribers, doing so could pose a major risk to your channel.

Real subscribers are not given away for free but can be purchased starting from as little as two dollars.

Will my account/channel be safe after buying subscribers from these sites?

Yes – buying real subscribers for your channel does not breach any of the terms and conditions set out by YouTube.

Your channel will therefore be perfectly safe, as the subscribers you buy are real people who follow your channel normally.

What is the turnaround time for delivery?

Delivery times vary in accordance with the size of the package purchased – anything from one to five working days.

Drip-feed delivery is the only safe delivery method when purchasing social signals, as the process needs to look completely organic from start to finish.


Youtube logo on a phone sitting on a desk
Image: Unsplash

Scoping out the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers doesn’t have to be difficult. You must understand and appreciate the importance of quality and authenticity when placing orders for social signals.

Each of the three YouTube growth specialists outlined above outperformed the competition in all key areas.

If you are looking for real subscribers (active and authentic YouTube users) that are guaranteed safe, all three come equally highly recommended.

Have any thoughts on this? Drop us a line below in the comments, or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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