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You can play PlayStation games on a smartwatch for whatever reason

For whatever reason, this guy found a way to play original PlayStation games on his smartwatch.

PlayStation on a SmartWatch

Remember the guy who put Windows 95 on a smartwatch? I’m sure after watching that video, this guy felt inspired to up the ante, so he went all out and managed to get Croc, a PlayStation game, to run on his Android LG G Watch device with no problem, like it’s no big deal.

This was all possible thanks to ePSXe, a Playstation emulator for Android.

So yeah, playing a PlayStation game on your smartwatch is cool and all, but how exactly are you supposed to play the game? Sure, there are touchscreen buttons on the watch face that allow you to control your on-screen character, but then you have to worry about paltry things such as, I don’t know, seeing the screen, while your thumbs cover up most of the watch’s surface. I guess if you’re able to connect via some bluetooth magic then you could use a controller, but if you’re going to those lengths, then why not just invest in one of these bad boys?

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