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Cars of the future: What tech can we expect to see?

Augmented reality, V2V communication, and brain connectivity will make driving safer and easier. This will allow you to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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The world produces around 70 million cars a year, each one with better technology than the last. If you love gadgets, then the motor industry is one of the most exciting technological experiments in the world right now, especially with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs getting in the game.

Tesla and even Google view a car-less as a vehicle and more as the ultimate bit of tech. With self-driving cars on the horizon, what other advancements can we expect to see in the coming years? These features may seem far fetched now but are all but inevitable given our current understanding of technology.

Augmented Reality

Smartphones are leading the way when it comes to augmented reality, and people love it. Even three years after it came out, Pokemon Go is more popular than ever, with over a billion downloads. This technology is expected to come to cars soon. Your windscreen could locate and highlight obstacles or give you a live reading of the distance to the turn you need to take. The vehicle you drive will be able to offer useful information on top of the real world as you drive, and this technology is likely to be included in a range of existing models and vehicle types.

V2V Communication

If you’ve ever driven a car, you’ll know the frustration of not being able to communicate with other drivers. How many times have you found yourself at a crossroads, not knowing whether the other car plans to go first or give way to you? Well, with vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication, this problem is solved. Your car will be able to send a signal to another car, telling it that it is about to drive, allowing the other vehicle to apply the brakes. This is part of integrating self-driving technology to make the roads a little safer.

Brain Connectivity

The above technology is good, but now it is time to get properly sci-fi. Researchers have discovered that there is a delay between making a decision and carrying out an action. In fact, your brain makes a decision before you are even aware of having made it. This means that there is a critical time period between deciding to make an emergency stop and actually hitting the breaks. By wearing electrodes on your head, your car will be able to see when you want to stop and apply the brakes for you, saving around half a second in thinking time. This could be enough to save a life.

Car technology is usually centered around entertainment, but there are important safety concerns too. Augmented reality, V2V communication, and brain connectivity will make driving safer and easier, just like the folks at CarBrain makes buying cars easy. This will allow you to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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