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Cinema-quality audio and video: Bring the movie theater home

When it comes to bringing the movie theater magic to residences of all kinds, Dreamedia is your one-stop shop.

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Image: Dreamedia

Who doesn’t want a home movie theater with cinema-quality audio and visuals? But with all the equipment and installation options for home theaters that are available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Luckily, no one knows home-theater entertainment better than Zachary Geringer, founder, and CEO of Dreamedia, the top-rated online store for home theaters and luxury entertainment.

“It’s normal to feel confused and not know where to start,” Geringer says. “There’s a ton of different equipment at all different price points, but at Dreamedia, we really love this stuff. We geek out about it.”

Geringer and his team at Dreamedia specialize in creating home theaters — whether indoors or outdoors — as well as audio systems for the entire house, but that’s not all.

Dreamedia’s consultants can even make home theaters that look and sound better than professional cinemas because their company offers difficult-to-find, high-end gear like Perlisten, Trinnov, MadVR, and Kaleidescape. 

Dreamedia is the online store for Perlisten

Dreamedia is the only online reseller in the US for Perlisten, the world’s first THX Dominus-certified speaker company.

“This is a really big deal for us right now,” Geringer enthuses. “Perlisten is a new company, but their speakers can stay THX-certified even for really large rooms, and their DPC array is winning all kinds of awards at trade shows for Best in Show and Best Product.” 

As Geringer explains, the superior sound of Perlisten’s subwoofers, in particular, has been receiving accolades. Similarly, Perlisten’s speakers, made of carbon fiber, are notable for their sleek design, which adds sophistication to any room.

Dreamedia is the online store for Trinnov

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Image: Dreamedia

Geringer identifies Trinnov as “the industry’s best video and audio processor.” It decodes the Dolby Atmos surround-sound format, which Geringer also calls the industry’s best.

In layman’s terms, that means it optimizes the room. “It provides room correction and ensures that the speaker’s performance is maximized in addition to sending your 4k or 8k video to your projection or micro-LED TV,” he explains.

Dreamedia is the online store for madVR

Dreamedia’s offerings also include the madVR Envy. “This is the ultimate video processor for cinema lovers,” Geringer explains. “It enhances your HDR tone mapping, takes care of nonlinear stretch, and sharpens all of your 4k and HDR content.”

In other words, the madVR Envy maximizes every pixel.

Whenever you’re watching a movie, you notice there are black bars at the top and bottom of the screen,” Geringer says. “Those bars are really wasted space and wasted dead pixels, but this is valuable cinematic real estate. MadVR takes all the information from your source, scales it to fit your screen, and enhances the picture.” 

According to Geringer, madVR Envy not only maximizes the potential of every single component in the setup, resulting in the best experience possible but also manages subtitles so that they are clear and easy to read.

Dreamedia is the online store for Kaleidescape

Another top-tier piece of equipment available at Dreamedia is the Kaleidescape Movie Player, the industry’s leading audio and video movie player.

“This brand offers reference-level audio and video,” Geringer explains, “meaning that it is uncompressed so the quality is the best of the best. When a producer, director, or studio executive goes to watch their film, this is how they do it — it’s how the movies are intended to be viewed.”

Dreamedia: Your go-to, one-stop shop for home theater gear

The room contains a TV and speakers.
Image: Dreamedia

If you’re still not sure what equipment would be best for you, Dreamedia offers free consultations with experts who can point you in the right direction.

Simply give them the dimensions of your home theater, your budget, and what you’d like to use your home theater for, and they can already start identifying the right audio and visual components for your dream system.

“Anybody can book a free consultation with us,” Geringer says. “And since there’s no obligation to buy, there’s no reason not to!”

When it comes to bringing movie magic to residences of all kinds, Dreamedia is your one-stop shop. No matter what brands or equipment you need, they have you covered.

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