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Cloud migration is a necessity, but security is essential

Cloud computing is an ever-growing trend in the world of technology. Migrating to this new model is mandatory, but security is hugely important.

Cloud Security
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Cloud computing is no longer just a market trend, and has become a necessity for businesses. Currently, the big question plaguing corporate environments is what kind of cloud service is the best for their operations. In addition, findings from 451 Research shows that companies from different industry sectors are reserving about a third of their budgets in order to move to the cloud.

Both at governmental and private levels, organizations are allocating about 23% of cloud investments in public environments, and the remainder (77%) in private structures. The retail, health and finance sectors stand out a little more in the use of public cloud, reaching 27%, 28% and 29%, respectively, and the telecommunications segment features a 33% increase.

This hybrid model, which combines security and affordability (qualities of both types of cloud), is still viewed with distrust by 49% of IT executives. This skepticism comes as a result of the management required by these services, having to seek partners to complement the task. Despite the numbers, experts argue that hybridization is the cornerstone of Cloud Computing’s success in this world of digital transformation.

Regardless of what strategy is adopted, vendors still struggle to win the trust of companies and to prove cloud solutions are as reliable as traditional solutions. In regard to data security in the cloud, all providers should be transparent about their methods and what happens “under the hood”.

A role model in this kind of practices is BlackMesh, a cloud service provider with expertise in the field. It offers clients a vast array of secure and compliant hosting platforms, regardless of type and size. Government agencies, non-profits, and technology enthusiasts are among its list of clients.

BlackMesh provides constant, high-quality support to its clients, thanks to the help of renowned engineers who are always available, 24/7/365. This company is also popular for its compliance with industry standards (i.e., FedRAMP, FISMA, PCI, HIPAA, and SSAE 16), setting it apart from other cloud service providers.

Cloud Computing is a major step towards digital transformation, helping organizations improve IT agility by rapidly and cost-effectively deploying digital business applications. Choosing a good supplier is an important step in safeguarding operations and data – today’s main company assets.

With this in mind, it is important to do your research and choose well when selecting a cloud services provider. Look for companies, such as BlackMesh, that are prepared to provide a necessary focus on security solutions and services for cloud computing.

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