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Coffence offers a unique fighting experience with coffee, like Dunkin’ Donuts

Coffee is worth fighting over, and Sweet Bandits Studios has based an entire game around that concept.

I love coffee. You love coffee. Almost everyone loves coffee. And I don’t know about you, but I will fight a person over coffee. Come at me.

I had the chance to speak with developers of Coffence and get some playtime and honestly, it was one of the best games I played at the event. Coffence takes your traditional 1v1 fighter and adds a few unique twists that truly engage the players.

The general premise is this: you want to protect your coffee (because coffee is life) while trying to take your opponent’s coffee. Hitting your opponent will stun them briefly, but the key is to yo-yo your own coffee cup into theirs, causing the coffee to fly from your opponent’s cup. But that is not all, you must then catch said coffee in your own cup, while jumping, sliding, and protecting your own precious, hot liquid.

At present, there are four characters to choose from, and multiple coffee cups to choose from. Choosing different cups have different effects – some allow for more coffee (health), but are slower to use. Others only contain small amounts of coffee, but are smaller (harder to hit) and extend farther. This multiple options keep the game fresh and allow for many different battles to take place. There are also blocks, block breaks, and super moves you can use to dispatch your opponent, adding even more variety to your fights.

The game is fun to look at with graphics that perfectly fit the style of game. Controls are solid and never feel laggy or difficult to use. It is definitely a great example of “easy to pick up, hard to master.”

Coffence is currently on Steam Early Access and the developers tell me they are working for releases on all the major platforms, as well.

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