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Comfortable gadgets that will help improve your sleep

Over the years, technology has been kind to us by developing sleeping aids that help us enjoy undisturbed sleep for longer. Here are some of the best.

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A blissful, goodnight sleep is essential for one’s health and overall wellbeing. Sleep helps us reduce stress, fatigue, and improve our mood. A mature adult’s recommended standard sleeping time per day is seven hours. However, for many, this only occurs in their dreams, while some are grateful when they get that full allotment of shut-eye.

Stress, babies, or even sleeping disorders are common reasons why most people rarely get enough time to sleep. Lack of sleep makes us dizzy and exhausted and can impact one’s immune system and overall health and wellness. This increases the chances of causing accidents as most end up dozing off and feeling drowsy at the wrong time.

Over the years, technology has been kind to us by developing sleeping aids that help us enjoy undisturbed sleep for longer. Here are some of the best gadgets to help you get a decent night of sleep. 

Ear Plugs

It would help if you had a quiet environment to ensure you get adequate sleep. Noise from outside or within your home can interrupt your sleep. Getting earplugs gives you the luxury of getting uninterrupted sleep despite all the commotions.

The best sleep ear plugs ought to fit appropriately to ensure that they stay on all night long. They should also be comfortable enough to lie on. You can purchase the plugs online or over the counter. Rocking them earns you the much-deserved extra minutes of sleep.

Dream Mask

You are never in control of when the sun rises, but you can control how much light hits you as you sleep. Despite getting heavy curtains, light still finds a way to seep in, and you end up in a bright room and no sleep. It is also unfair to keep other people around in the dark just because you need to sleep.

Getting a dream mask helps you control the amount of light that gets to you as you sleep. It also enables you to avoid waking up before your time. For people who sleep during the day, this is ideal as it helps you avoid the light and sleep in total darkness.

Baby Bassinet

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Children can be a handful, especially when struggling to fall asleep. This, in turn, keeps you awake too. A baby bassinet comes in handy as it helps rock your baby to sleep, and while at it has soothing noises. It also can pick out baby cries and increase the rocking speed. This calms them and gives them more time to sleep. Once asleep, you get to get an extra hour or two of sleep, which makes you feel good and refreshed for yet another day.


For some people, it is hard to fall asleep, and some even go as far as taking sleeping pills. However, you can train on how to fall asleep with ease by using a dodow. The device casts a beam on your ceiling that leaves you fixated. Inhale and exhale every time it expands and contracts, respectively. This lowers your metabolism and thoughts gradually until you fall asleep. To activate it, you need only to tap it.

Smart Apps

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As much as we would like to sleep without our smartwatches and phones, they might be the solution to finally having a good night’s sleep. You can download soothing music and sounds that help creates an ambience to doze off. There exist apps that recite stories just like grandma or with soporific voices, which allows you to relax and unwind. You can also get apps where you record your sleeping pattern and in return, offer advice on better sleeping possibilities.

Smart Mattress

Phones and watches are uncomfortable to have around all night or tagged on your arm. Getting a mattress that records your sleeping cycle and movements and general body sleep quality helps. The mattress also adapts to your posture and needs, it and adjusts for you to fit in it just right. The mattress also plays relaxing music as you sleep, and when you need to wake up.


If you share a bed, your ideal sleeping conditions might differ from those of your partner. Those looking for warm conditions tag on the duvets while those looking for coil conditions kick them off the bed. This can be a source of friction at night, and you end up losing out on sleep altogether.

A smart duvet comes in to create that balance by offering options to adjust the air in it. Sweat and shivers force you out of your bed as you struggle to set and control the thermostat. These minutes awake can be detrimental as you might end up not catching any more sleep. It is also self-regulatory, and you get to sleep throughout the night.

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