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Conan takes you behind the scenes to reveal his office robots

Conan says “big deal” to Apple using robots to build the iPhone 6. Conan takes you behind the scenes, showing off his office robots.

Robot in Conan's office

Robot in Conan's office

Earlier this week, Apple announced that they would be utilizing robots to help build the all new iPhone 6. When Conan O’Brien got wind of this, he decided to put his unique comedic spin on things.

“Big deal” the late night show host stated. Conan argued that he’s been using robots to make his show since the beginning. Even going further to say half of his office consisted of robots.

In this video, you’ll meet:

  • The Robot that’s always on Facebook
  • the robot who’s always in the break-room who spouts tired catch-phrases such as “working hard, or hardly working?”
  • The robot who’s on a loud personal call, all day.
  • The robot who steals your clearly labeled yogurt from the fridge
  • The robot who makes passive aggressive comments when you leave a little early`
  • The robot who watches porn in the office, and turns it off anytime a human gets close.

Here’s the full video:

H/T Team Coco

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