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Daily Read – The Comic Sans Edition – 6/10/2014

Today’s edition of the Daily Read features articles about our favorite font – slave labor – FB fudging up, and how to die slowly.

Daily Read

KnowTechie Daily Read

Facebook Accidentally Rolled Out Its (Second) Snapchat Clone


If at first you don’t succeed…

by @cwarzel

A Week With iOS 8


Zach Epstein of BGR shares his experience of using Apples new iOS8.

by @Zacharye

Party Boys and Fighting Words: The Battle Over “Silicon Beach”


“Influential Los Angeles venture capitalist Mark Suster was sitting in a meeting of LA tech power players one week in March, with one agenda item: Get rid of the term “Silicon Beach.””

by @NellieBowles

Revealed: Asian slave labour producing prawns for supermarkets in US, UK 


“If you buy prawns or shrimp from Thailand, you will be buying the produce of slave labour”

by @katehodal @lawrencefelic

Gearing up for all things #WorldCup


Twitter unveiled some cool features for #WorldCup2014, including automated flags for teams.

by @xiaoleil

Here are the 31 countries Google Maps won’t draw borders around


“Google may be standing up to government surveillance, but on Google Maps it shies away from conflict. The company displays the borders of 31 states differently than the other 162 members of the United Nations. Many of these countries have long had disputed borders or are currently facing military conflicts.”

by @YAN0

A Company Has Designed A Bulletproof Blanket To Protect Kids During School Shootings


“The Bodyguard Blanket, made by ProTecht, is a bulletproof 5/16-inch pad that the company says is made from the same materials used by the U.S. military. Steve Walker, a podiatrist who conceptualized the blanket, told The Oklahoman that the idea came to him after two tragedies: the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the tornadoes in Oklahoma.”

by @tasneemi

The Science Of Comic Sans


“It’s not news that typefaces have distinct personalities. But until recently, the implications have been poorly understood. The latest evidence suggests that typefaces convey their own meanings and elicit their own emotions independent of the words they spell out.”

by @e_jaffe

How to slowly kill yourself without even trying


I still remember the first porn I ever watched.”

by @Nico_Lang

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