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Daily Read – The Late Edition – 6/11/14

Today’s Daily Read features Tweetdeck’s major fail, how to use tech like a teenager, and 10 vintage versions of modern technology.

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How to Use Tech Like a Teenager – WSJ


“They May Be Young, but They Have Wise Tips on Privacy, Photos and Life With Less Email”

by @geoffreyfowler

This maps shows every school shooting since Sandy Hook


“An as-yet unidentified school shooter attacked Reynolds High School in Portland, Oregon today, killing at least one student. It was the 74th school shooting since Adam Lanza’s infamous assault on Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut — and, as this map shows, they’ve happened all over the country.”

by @zackbeauchamp

Court rules collecting cell phone location without a warrant


” The decision handed down by the judges today marks the first time that cell phone location data has been explicitly included as part of a reasonable expectation of privacy under the Fourth Amendment.”


Tweetdeck vulnerability lets attackers execute code remotely


“Today, a newly discovered vulnerability in TweetDeck allowed attackers to remotely execute javascript code”

by @russellbrandom

10 Vintage Versions Of Modern Technology


“In this age of mobile, wireless, digital and whatchamacallit technology, nothing seems to surprise us nowadays. Unless they’re going to finally show us those flying cars we’ve been waiting for since The Jetsons aired on television,”


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