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The Daily Read – Darkness Falls Edition – 6/17/14

Optimus Prime as your personal chauffeur, how to make a million bucks right out of jail, and a peek inside the bizarre world of Amazon…

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The complete guide to World Cup sex rules


“Every World Cup coach has his own methods for trying to improve the success of his team. Some coaches have imposed rules on their players not only covering their training regimen and on-field tactics, but also on their after-hours activities. While researchers have found that sex is no physical detriment to athletic performance, some coaches are unconvinced.”

by @YAN0

A Rare* Peek Inside Amazon’s Massive Wish-Fulfilling Machine


“The first thing I saw when I walked into Amazon’s Phoenix warehouse was a man riding on a giant tricycle.”

by @MarcusWohlsen

Uber Will Drive You Around In Optimus Prime Because Marketing


“This may be a marketing stunt, but come on. You know you want to ride in Optimus Prime.”

by @sfiegerman

How to stop Facebook from Tracking your Browsing History


“Willing to lose personalized ads? In a heartbeat? Read on. “

by @iammollymchugh

How A Man — Once Bankrupt And In Jail — Used Facebook To Become A Millionaire


Jason Fyk, founder of WTF Magazine and, owns a business that generates about $275,000 a month.

by @ajs

Finally, A Social Network Where You Can Brag About All The Stuff You’ve Bought!


“ is an app where you just share how much money you spend. Welcome to the apocalypse.”

by @katienotopoulos

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