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Data protection & Internet security: How to stay safe online in 2020

Staying vigilant will significantly reduce your chances of falling foul of the ‘darker’ aspects of the web.

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Keeping your personal information secure and staying safe online are undoubtedly the most important considerations for anyone who uses the internet.

Data theft can be a costly business, while issues such as cyberbullying are a big concern when it comes to children surfing the world wide web. Read on as we look at the best ways to stay safe online in 2020.

Stay safe with HTTPS encryption

Whenever you use the internet it is extremely important to ensure that you only visit sites that use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. For instance, if you’re inclined towards online gambling, make sure that you use HTTPS sites that compare legal online casino sites to avoid online risks and hacks.

The technology gives you peace of mind that communications between your computer and the website are fully encrypted. It also proves that the site you are visiting is genuine. This additional layer of security allows you to enter personal details safe in the knowledge that unscrupulous individuals or organizations can’t steal them.

HTTPS is also of benefit to the website owner, giving them a ‘seal of approval’ that effectively cements their legitimacy on the internet.

Perform a security overhaul

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In addition to only visiting HTTPS sites, there are various other measures you can implement that will help to keep you safe online. Creating complex and unique passwords for each of your accounts is one of the best ways to keep your personal information safe and secure. If you reuse passwords across multiple sites, you run the risk of hackers using data they obtain to attack you across numerous accounts.

Make sure that you have up-to-date network security and install the latest firewall system on all of your devices. If you use Wi-Fi on mobile devices, invest in a good quality Virtual Private Network (VPN) service so you can create secure connections on the internet.

Stay vigilant

Hackers are constantly coming up with increasingly elaborate ways to get their hands on your sensitive personal information. Keeping yourself fully informed about the latest spam emails or fake promotions doing the rounds will help to keep you safe online.

Be careful about what you share online, particularly with regard to social media. Platforms such as Facebook are rife with data harvesting scams, so be selective about the things you interact with. If your children use the internet, make sure you use the parental controls on their various devices to help keep them safe online.

Staying vigilant will significantly reduce your chances of falling foul of the ‘darker’ aspects of the web and allow you to get the most out of what is undoubtedly one of the best inventions.

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