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More trouble in the graveyard? Dead Island 2 pulled from Steam

Could Deep Silver finally be canceling Dead Island 2? A thread over at NeoGAF revealed a recent update to Steam’s catalog shows that the game has been completely removed. Deep Silver just recently released Homefront: The Revolution to some fairly lackluster reviews, and very much like Dead Island 2, also suffered from a similar controversy when CryTek’s director left while Homefront was in production – a move that caused the game to be delayed almost two years before finally arriving as a game currently sitting at a 54 on Metacritic.

In the case of Dead Island 2, original Dead Island developer Techland wasn’t commissioned (likely due to weak sales of Dead Island Riptide) and since Deep Silver owned the IP, Techland went on to make Dying Light. Deep Silver contracted Yager for Dead Island 2, but removed them from the project last year because Yager’s vision and Deep Silver’s “fell out of alignment“.

At this point, what’s next for Dead Island 2? I think Deep Silver should just do what they’ve done best – milking the hell out of Saints Row and praying to God that Johnny Gat can keep them alive. In all truth, if we don’t see Dead Island 2 at E3 this year, it will likely be a silent confirmation from Deep Silver that they have shelved the game at this point. Since Deep Silver were showcasing a playable build of the game in 2014, but we haven’t seen or heard much since then, it’s possible the Deep Silver trend of failing to deliver will continue.

h/t: NeoGAF

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