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Defend yourself from the monsters under your bed with Sleep Tight

What happens when you mix tower defense, a twin-stick shooter, and Monsters, Inc.? Sleep Tight.

From indie game studio We Are Fuzzy, Sleep Tight combines excellent artwork combined with a gorgeous website and interesting twists on tried-and-true game styles to deliver a unique experience on the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Build your defenses during the day (when the monsters are at bay) and defending yourself with pillow forts and shotguns at night as the monsters close in. Twin stick nor tower defense has never been something that has appealed to me, but this game manages to capture interest instantly through the Pixar-inspired art style. The resulting action and building kept me interested as the nights passed and the carcasses of monsters started piling up.

As the night’s pass, you’ll collect stars from enemies to buy new toys (weapons) and upgrade your existing defenses. There is a large assortment of choices for players, giving plenty of options for the best defense strategies. The action is crisp, and the different weapon and defense choices all feel like they have a place.

Sleep Tight releases sometime this year (no official date announced).

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