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DocSpera is the way for surgical professionals to cooperate easily

In surgical procedures, cooperation between professionals is key. In order to make sure it runs as effectively as possible, DocSpera uses the blockchain.

Image: DocSpera

All of us that are lucky to live in developed countries are aware of just how much Medicine has developed over the years. Surgical procedures, in particular, are constantly improving, either in the ways, they are carried out or in the diminishing figures in terms of fatalities. Surgeons are valued professionals, who make the act of saving lives their daily task.

However, their job is not only focused on actual surgeries, as there is a lot of administrative work to be done before and after each procedure. This includes, but is not limited to, bureaucracy and team coordination. But they, fortunately, have the technology to help them, with a platform powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) called DocSpera.

This platform is HIPAA compliant, meaning that this platform is compliant with national standards for handling medical and patient data, and allows for easy surgical collaboration and coordination. It is used by surgeons, care teams, and medical device companies alike, creating greater efficiencies and improving the entire process for all parties involved, including the patients.

DocSpera helps surgical professionals to better manage the entire surgical process, from the initial point where the surgery is decided at the point where the patient goes through the recovery. It replaces the outdated highly manual and inefficient process, providing a collaborative place for these professionals to communicate and collaborate, resulting in increased efficiency and savings in time and money.

On the side of medical device companies, DocSpera also brings improvements, especially by providing them with the advanced case visibility. This allows them to improve the outcomes and, thus, reducing costs. In an HCA hospital in Texas, for example, manufacturers achieved a 70% reduction in implant usage, with a $1000 per case reduction in sterilization.

Technology really has the power of changing many different fields in our society, and surgical healthcare is no different. DocSpera is a great platform that allows for reduced costs and time losses, as well as an improved outcome of all the stages of the surgical process, including for medical device companies. Considering all this, it comes as no surprise that more hospitals are turning to this platform in order to improve their surgical processes.

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