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Doogee V Series: flagship line of rugged phones for the outdoors

Let’s dive into the world of V-series rugged phones and explore their unique features, specifications, and performance.

V-Series Doogee phones in a night mountain background
Image: Doogee

Doogee V-series rugged phones are a class above every other rugged phone currently on the market. The V-series is the flagship branch of Doogee’s line of phones.

Starting with the V10, the number has grown with the inclusion of the V20, V30, V Max, and V30T over the years.

Every time these models have been released, they have easily beaten out the competition, maintaining the top rugged phone player in both sales volume and popularity.

This is possibly due to the level of innovation that went into building these models. Each one has pioneered a unique feature that makes it stand out from the crowd.

With renewed interest in these models, let’s take a look at each iteration and what makes them unique.

Before we dive in, let me mention that all these phones are rugged, so they all come with IP ratings and MIL-STD-810H military standard compliance. 

three Doogee cell phones in gray background
Image: Doogee

Let’s start at the beginning; the Doogee V10 introduced the world to Doogee’s premium flagship rugged phone lineup. It was the first 5G phone from the manufacturer with support for the fastest dual 5G network at the time.

It was the first ever rugged phone to feature an inbuilt infrared thermometer. This was perfect for the moment since we were, unfortunately, in the middle of the pandemic.

Next, the Doogee V20 came along and was the first to feature an AMOLED display. Combined that with a flawlessly implemented second smaller display on the back.

Its fast and responsive display was the best ever implemented in the industry up to that point. It was also the first rugged phone to feature a dual display design and still inspires other rugged phone designs to date.

In the third iteration, Doogee took it a bit further by introducing the V30. With this model, Doogee introduced the rugged phone world to the eSIM feature.

That wasn’t enough for the V30; it also features the latest WiFi 6 technology, a powerful 108MP + 20MP + 16MP + 32MP camera setup.

Doogee V30 combined that with its premium finish, inspired by a luxury car’s interiors. The V30 offers even more features, including powerful dual stereo speakers tuned by Hi-Res, a custom button, and supports L1 +L5 dual-band GPS system.

This image is showcasing the pioneering achievements of a company in the fields of 5G, eSIM technology, and dual display design. Full Text: Industry Innovation Pioneer The First 5G The First eSIM Technology The First Dual Display Design
Image: Doogee

Doogee V Max is one of the most powerful rugged phones for its monster power. At 22000mAh, it is the phone with the largest battery commercially available on the market today.

It also relies on the Dimensity 1080 chipset – the most powerful chip in the industry for its performance. And comes with a 20GB + 256GB memory setup.

It also comes with a sweet 108MP + 20MP + 16MP + 32MP camera setup. And it also supports wifi 6, L1 +L5 dual-band GPS system, NFC, loud stereo dual speakers, a 120Hz FHD+ display, and many more.

The image is showing that the DOOGEE V30 models are equipped with Samsung sensors and have the highest pixel main camera ever, with 108MP. Full Text: 108MP Main Camera DOOGEE's Highest Pixel Main Camera Ever All V30 models are equipped with Samsung sensors
Image: Doogee

While the Doogee S100 isn’t a member of the exclusive V-series club, it has many great features, making it a great option for people who do not consider 5G necessary.

Moreover, the S100 stands out for having the industry’s most powerful 4G processor – Helio G99, lending it an unrivaled performance boost.

Combined with its monstrous 10800mAh battery, powerful 108MP+20MP+16MP+32MP camera set, and 120Hz adaptive refresh display, it is a well-rounded phone.

Of course, it has other features, including support for NFC, L1 + L5 dual-band GPS system,120Hz FHD+ adaptive refresh display, custom button, and many more.

The user interacts with the graphical user interface and application.
Image: Doogee


Due to popular demand for many of the models in this series, Doogee is offering a special promotion for its fan base.

Check the official Doogee store on AliExpress and Amazon, or go straight to Doogee’s official shopping platform – Doogeemall, for pricing and availability. This promotion is only available for a short period, so get it while stock lasts.

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