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Double, remote assistant service, expands with team-focused options

The company focuses on workplace productivity.

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Image: Double

Double, a remote assistant service for executives, unveiled its latest offering today: Double for Teams. This premium solution is tailored to equip entire executive teams with unparalleled support from carefully selected executive assistants.

The company has seen significant growth since 2021, increasing 3x the number of clients it previously held.

The service is a remote assistant application for busy high-level employees. It unites executives with experienced part-time assistants and developed delegation tools to save time and stay attentive.

This image is explaining the benefits of using the Double service, which provides experienced, vetted, and trained assistants to help people get time back to focus on what matters. Full Text: O O -O Why Double About you What's next Questionnaire Billing Get matched Why Double? Experienced, vetted, and trained Double assistants all have several years of experience, and are Learn more about Double thoroughly vetted by our team. 8 minutes Fully remote, in your time zone We match you with a US or France-based Double so you can work Double synchronously during your work day (9-6, M-F). $ Flexible support whenever you need it Our pricing is flexible, starting at just 10 hours per month. We have several plans for you to choose from, both for individuals and Getting time back teams. You can change the plan monthly if your needs change. with Double x No min/max commitments Helping you get time back to focus on what matters Because we believe in the value our Doubles provide, we have no long-term commitments, or cancellation fees - so you can experience the value of Double with total peace of mind. Back Continue

As a user, you can communicate with your heavily vetted assistant through the Double app or website. And what was once previously tailored to one-on-one connections expands to team full-on teams.

Double’s task assignment system allows C-suite members to focus on what they do best. As a result, executives can focus more on functions directly impacting their bottom lines, such as strategy and planning.

The result is fewer working hours, higher productivity, and improved mental and physical health for executives who use Double. 

“We were seeing so much additional demand from executives whose work and personal lives have been transformed by their Double, who wanted to quickly extend those benefits to their teams,” explained Alice Default, Co-Founder and CEO of Double. “

Double executive assistants, or “Doubles,” are locally US-based, thoroughly vetted, and hand-selected based on specific team needs.

With proprietary delegation tools, Doubles go above and beyond traditional EAs and virtual assistants, handling tasks such as email, scheduling, social media, events, and even personal tasks like managing fitness routines or Airbnb portfolios.

“My Double assistant has been a lever for productivity and growth, allowing me to delegate essential but time-consuming tasks to free up time for more strategic work,” said Julie Hansen, Babbel U.S. CEO and Double for Teams user. “Expanding this option to the wider team at Babbel was a natural and seamless way to continue growing while responsibly managing costs.”

To date, Doubles have saved executives over 250,000 hours, allowing them to prioritize tasks and drive business impact.

Double’s headquarters are in New York City, and it has raised $14.5 million in funding from investors like FJ Labs and Teamworthy Ventures. Learn more about Doubles here.

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