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Dreo smart appliances are on sale for up to 40% off for Black Friday

Dreo is a modern home appliance brand seeking to create a balance between technology and lifestyle. 

DREO products in a white background
Image: DREO

You don’t have to wait until Black Friday to get a great deal on warm, efficient, affordable winter essential home appliances.

Right now, Dreo, one of the most trusted new brands of smart home tech, unveils its Black Friday sales on all of its products at the best price with up to 40% off, from November 21 to December 4th.

Each of Dreo’s products is designed for sophisticated modern living. Moreover, Dreo understands the importance of comfortable home life and how modern technology can help you achieve it.

Starting from 21st November, you can find the best winter choice and save up to 40%. Here are some of the best-selling Dreo products.

Dreo space heater series

DREO space heaters on wooden floor with a snowy window background
Image: Dreo

If you’re considering what to buy people on your holiday gift lists, a Dreo space heater makes a lot of sense for those who are frequently cold. Also, it works for people working from home or in an office.

Dreo space heaters, adopted with Dreo’s patented HeatLeap system and air duct technology, rapidly heat the PTC ceramic to 75℉ within 2 seconds without noise and blow 10 feet/s warm air stably.

As the best winter essential items for your home, they are on sale for their best-ever price with up to 40% off on Amazon and Walmart.

Black Friday
Dreo Space Heaters

Dreo Space Heaters

If you’re looking for some of the best space heaters on the market, look no further than what Dreo offers. From November 21 to December 4th, save up to 40% in its Black Friday Sale.

Dreo air purifier series

Air purifier on floor in white room
Image: Dreo

Cold but polluted air is one of the biggest problems for allergy folks in the winter. The Dreo air purifier is the best choice for them to breathe easier.

Dreo released Macro Max S air purifier in November, which can clean 423 ft² 4.8 times in one hour.

And Macro Max S air purifier has adopted with ParticleIQ system, which can detect and react the air quality 5 times faster than conventional purifiers.

Dreo Macro Max S installed with a high-efficiency H13 True HEPA filter, captures 99.985% of particles as small as 0.3 microns while removing up to 99.99% of bacteria from the air.

This air purifier can also scrub H1N1 and Staph viruses from the air.

This smart and efficient air purifier makes a great buy if you need fresh air for your family — especially for just $176 with 20% off with promo code VC48RZXE59PM.

Black Friday

Dreo Air Purifier Series

The Dreo Macro Max S captures 99.985% of particles as small as 0.3 microns while removing up to 99.99% bacteria from the air. Get it now at 20% off with promo code VC48RZXE59PM.

Snag super-affordable Dreo smart home appliances for even less right now, and enjoy your warm and fresh winter days.

About Dreo

Dreo is a modern home appliance brand seeking to create a balance between technology and lifestyle. With a unique philosophy that places Air at its core.

Furthermore, Dreo has been reshaping different segments in the home appliance category with products like tower fans, air purifiers, space heaters, and air conditioners.  

Our ultimate ambition is to make every home life experience a delightful breeze.

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