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Harmless Kid Gets His Ass Whooped For Flying A Drone

drone attack

drone attack

Drones are getting really popular these days, and the concerns of privacy are coming to the forefront.

Some more than others.

One of the biggest flag waivers for drone privacy concerns is 23-year old Andrea Mears, after her recent stunt.

Some kid was flying his drone on a public beach at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Connecticut, taking his drone out as he would any other nice day.

This is where Andrea Mears comes in. She puts her foot down, thinking the kid was flying the drone recording footage of her. As if! 

Anyways, she calls the cops and tells them he’s recording her. Little did she know, the kid flying the drone was recording the whole incident with his iPhone.

When she hangs up the phone with the cops, she suddenly starts to attack the boy. I mean, REALLY attacking the boy. At one point in the video, you see her putting her fingers in his mouth. As if  her fingers were a fish hook.

In the end, cops show up, and ARREST HER!

Sweet karma, or as some others like to call it: Justice Porn.

Turns out, the kid has his own YouTube page, and has several recordings of him flying around the same beach, shockingly without any footage of Andrea Mears.

When it comes to drones, I’m a huge fan! I personally have one and take it out from time to time to capture some footage. However, I’m not being a creep with mine.

Most people who have drones know to take peoples privacy into consideration. Keep in mind, not all of them out there are even recording footage and if they are, they have no interest in your personal life.

No need to get Andrea Mears on drone hobbyists.

How would you feel if you saw some guy on the beach flying his drone around? Would you get medieval like Andrea Mears?

H/T Daily Dot


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