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DSP Group and LISNR partner to develop audio as data transmission solution

When we think about data transmission, audio hardly comes to mind as a means of doing so. But a partnership between LISNR and DSP Group is changing that.

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When it comes to transmitting data, our brain automatically thinks about cables or satellites, which transmit data via radio waves. In fact, most people are not aware of this, but there are other methods being studied and developed, which can also use other kind of waves – in this case, sound waves.

Emerging leader in the Internet of Sound field, LISNR is developing new standards for device connectivity using sound, providing data-over-audio technology. The first application of this technology happened during the Techstars FounderCon 2016 and now, thanks to a partnership established with the DSP Group, LISNR’s technology can take a major leap forward.

DSP Group works in the field of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications, being a leader in that field. It delivers semiconductor system solutions that allow manufacturers and service providers to develop new products and reach market in a faster pace.

This partnership has already been fruitful, with the presentation of a new LISNR product, the Audio-D. It is a new solution supporting data-over-audio communication, and can be used in any device featuring a speaker or microphone. Other than LISNR’s technology, Audio-D is based on DSP Group’s DBMD4 Voice SoC.

Throughout the years, the tech industry has been working actively on developing solutions for devices to communicate well on long distances, but not really on solutions for close communication. Audio-D tackles this issue, using audio as a means to transmit information among different devices. Thanks to LISNR technology and DSP Group’s DBMD4, a voice processor, always-on communication is possible, while consuming little power.

Audio-D has multiple potential uses, such as authentication, payment, ID, pairing, syncing, or data transmission, and one of its best features is the cross-device flexibility – it works on every device having a speaker or a microphone.

Eric Allen, LISNR President, commented on why this partnership is important:

“We have spent five years streamlining the ability to connect devices via sound, and this partnership is a validation of our technology and its capability. It is the ultimate end-consumer benefit grounded in a partnership that is rooted in seamless connectivity. DSP Group’s DBMD4 is the ideal enabler of this solution offering low power consumption and excellent performance.”

On his end, Yosi Brosh, CVP SEA Sales and Marketing with DSP Group, explained that having his company working with LISNR is a natural evolution for DSP’s product:

“Advanced, ultra-low power data transmission technology using audio is a natural step in extending our wireless solutions across all devices. We are excited to work with LISNR on a groundbreaking solution for data-over-audio technology.”

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