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EaseUS Todo Backup Free 9.2 is a lifesaver

I just had to install everything on my computer from scratch. If you have ever done that before, you probably know that getting shot in or around the face is a far more enjoyable experience.

Since I lost everything I had on the computer, I wanted to make sure that I was able to backup everything I had been able to salvage once I got my systems up and running. I caught wind of EaseUS’ Todo Backup Free while asking around for some advice on the best cloning software for Windows and I decided to take a look at it.


Once I installed the software, the UI is actually quite simple to navigate. It allows you to root out certain file types, so let’s say I’m afraid to lose all my pictures, I can select all of them. It also seems to back up directories pretty easy as well, so I have the ability to put everything back where it was after I get pissed at my computer and nuke it again.

With all the backup options, I was able to find the one that worked the best for me and create a partition for all my important stuff. One fun thing was that I accidentally installed all my stuff onto an old SATA hard drive, I was able to clone everything over to my SSD without having to start from scratch. Neat. Something neat I noticed, that I will be using going forward is that there is a file monitor in smart backup. What that will do is update files as they change on programs and folders that are critical.


I was impressed at how well this works when compared to any other program I looked at the touts the word “FREE” around. However, “FREE” does of course come at a price. Todo Backup Free 9.2 LOVES to bombard you with reminders that you can upgrade to the paid version at anytime. I see myself potentially using this quite often in the future, so I’d probably have considered paying for it if I wasn’t such an awful scum-lord. When it is working, I did notice that my system chugs a bit more than usual. Then again, my PC is absolute trash tier and should probably get merc-killed anyhow, so take that as you may.

In the end, for the low price of “FREE plus a little irritation” you can get yourself a fairly reliable best backup software that works just as good as anything package with Windows or out there on the Pirate Bay.

Longtime games journalist and Florida resident. I'm a Guinness World Record holder, wordsmith extraordinaire, MOBA fan, devoted dad and husband. I'm here to spread the gospel of video games.

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