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Edison Mail releases new Block Sender feature to help users combat unwanted email

This new feature will help block unwelcomed inbox clutter.

edison mail blocking feature
Image: Edison Mail

Are you tired of your inbox always getting overloaded with unwanted mail? Worry no more as Edison Software, the creators of Edison Mail, are going to release a new feature today to Edison Mail which will supposedly help in organizing your inbox better and will also help in eliminating unwanted mail. Praise the heavens.

The feature in question is called ‘Block Sender.’ Edison Mail claims that the Block Sender feature will give users “a new ability to quickly and easily banish the email addresses that send you unwanted email.” Edison Mail’s Block Sender feature will work seamlessly with universal mail accounts. For example, Gmail, Yahoo! AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, and more.

Block Sender is very simple to use. If a message is received from an unknown individual, you can simply press the Block Button which will be present in the upper right corner of the given message. After this is done, all email messages that are received from the blocked email address will be automatically moved to the Trash, this will, in turn, reduce the amount of effort needed to get through messages in your inbox. Accidentally blocked someone? Don’t worry as you can unblock the specific sender from the settings menu at any given time.

Vice President of Edison Software, Shuhao Zhang states, “So many mail apps are mobile and lacking the control that users need to easily block out the noise in their mailbox—the same way you might block a phone number or social media contact in other apps. Until now, the ability to block an email address required logging on to a desktop or following a series of confusing steps—Edison Mail’s Block Sender simplifies the process once and for all.”

Edison Mail conducted research in 2017 that further backs their claim that most users suffer from overloaded Inbox’s. Their research concluded that;

  • 78% of consumers usually delete emails from someone they don’t know
  • 72% of consumers feel overwhelmed by the number and frequency of emails they
  • 42% of consumers have spent hours deleting emails they don’t want to manage email
  • 33% of consumers feel stressed out when they are sent too many emails

Here are some screenshots that Edison Mail has shared with us showing how Block Sender will look and operate on the two different platforms.

The feature will be released for Edison Mail later today. You can download Edison Mail for Android from the Google Play Store. While iOS users can download it from the App Store.

New Smart Shortcuts for Edison Mail on iOS

Furthermore, Edison Mail is also adding new smart shortcuts to their Travel Assistant that is available on the Edison Email app. They claim that these new shortcuts will simplify consumers trip flows. The Travel Assistant will be able to help in moments where a user would like to order a rideshare, know map directions, call his/her hotel, or forward his/her itinerary. The actions will be all automated and will be executable by a single tap from within the Edison Mail app.

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