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Eve devices on how has technology changed in the last 20 years 

It is impossible to imagine what the next 20 years of technological innovation has in store for us, but Eve Devices believe that it will only further streamline existing processes

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In the last 20 years, the world has seen significant developments in technology which have permeated through almost every industry sector. Technology has not only changed how we do our jobs but has overhauled entire industries and altered how we interact. If anyone knows how much technology has evolved, it is the technology company, Eve Devices. 

As the first computer developed, designed, and manufactured in collaboration with a global community of gamers, coders, and designers, Eve Devices was built on the momentum of the technological innovation that preceded them. Outlining how technology has changed in the past 20 years, from the birth of the internet to voice recognition, Eve Devices breaks down how these innovations have altered the cultural, social, and economic fabric of our world.

The Growth of Complexity 

There is a principle called the ‘growth of complexity’ that is directly linked to technological innovation. Originally associated with Darwin and increasing biological complexity (where elementary particles, atoms, molecules, and unicellular systems have grown more complex over time), the principle also applies to human civilizations and technology.

When one technological advancement is made, the way is then paved for new theories, structures, and models to build upon it. For this reason, Eve Devices explain that no technological innovation exists as an outlier, but rather exists along a timeline of innovation. Before Google Home, same-day shipping, online banking, or social media, there was the smartphone, computer, and the internet.

While the internet became publicly available on August 6th, 1991—almost 30 years ago, Eve Devices explain that it would be impossible to talk about technological advancement without it. The internet’s creator, the now internationally known Tim Berners-Lee, shared this new technology without knowing that it would fundamentally change the world as he knew it. The first image ever uploaded to the internet was in 1992, and by 1993, CERN announced that the World Wide Web was free for everyone to use and develop. As technology developed, and demand for personal computer devices rose, so too did its accessibility.

From a business perspective, workers were now able to communicate through e-mails, share files online, and increase their overall productivity. From a personal perspective, individuals were now able to access mass amounts of information, stay in immediate contact, and answer any question with the click of a button. Although it began with the World Wide Web, dozens of innovations were built because of the information highway—many of which we are now heavily reliant on. Other than the computer, the device that altered our relationship with technology forever was the smartphone.  

Smart Technology

As with the internet, Eve Devices explain that it is impossible to imagine HeadSpace, TikTok, or online shopping without the technology that preceded it: the smartphone. According to the Pew Research Centre, roughly 77% of Americans now own a smartphone. Smartphones have come a long way since the 1994 IBM Simon Personal Communicator. With a touch screen, e-mail, fax, notes and calendar, and apps and other widgets, the original smartphone led to a whole slew of other innovations. Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, making it the most advanced consumer smartphone that the market had ever seen. 

From 2007 to present-day, smartphones have evolved drastically; today’s smartphones now have more memory, are faster and more powerful, allow you to use multiple applications at the same time, have HD cameras, music, and video streaming capabilities, and a battery that can last days instead of hours. With over 2.5 million applications available across Google and Apple, Eve Devices explain that the smartphone has impacted business, education, health, psychology, and the broader social structure. Whatever your needs are, there is an application for it. You can now meditate, level a shelf, read the news, invest, shop online, take photographs, and connect to anyone around the world by opening an app.

As the human brain is wired to adapt to what the environment around us requires for survival, technology becomes seamlessly integrated within society. In 2012, Time Magazine and Qualcomm conducted a survey of 5,000 smartphone users in eight countries. When asked how the smartphone had changed their lives, the most common response was that it brought them closer together with their family and friends and helped them become more well informed. Of course, this interaction is not limited to the smartphone, as other devices are also slowly changing the way we interact with the internet. Smartwatches and Google Home have made it easier than ever before to order what you want, call who you want, or know what you want to know without ever having to lift a finger.


Outside of the internet and smartphones, automation has also heavily impacted and streamlined our daily tasks. From your home’s thermostat to your coffee maker, automation has simplified tasks that would have taken possibly hours to perfect. Additionally, globalized supply chains have made it possible to buy coffee, agave nectar, spirulina, or any other product at a moment’s notice. The unlimited selection and accessibility of objects, products, and services are all thanks to advances in technology. Eve Devices explain that it is easy to forget how accessible the world has become thanks to the internet.

Constant connectivity means that convenience, comfort, and accessibility have become an industry standard for how businesses operate. Companies are constantly coming up with ways to make life easier for the consumer through new technologies. As technology has evolved over the past two decades, so too have our businesses, jobs, friendships, hobbies, and way of relating to the world around us. It is impossible to imagine what the next 20 years of technological innovation has in store for us, but Eve Devices believe that it will only further streamline existing processes, making life safer, more comfortable, and accessible than ever before.

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