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Finji has by far some of the best indie games coming out now and soon – PAX West 2019

I’m generally excited for all of this.

Image: Finji

Finji and I go way back. Started by Adam and Rebekah Saltsman, they’re a combination developer and extremely selective indie publisher. Back when I was in a Ph.D. program, I was studying game developers and Adam was one of my first research subjects in my pilot study.

I’ve since checked out virtually everything Finji-related in the entire history of the company, so of course, I was going to comb through their booth at PAX West. Here’s what they’re working on.

Wilmot’s Warehouse

Wilmot’s Warehouse is a soothing game about organizing a warehouse. You play as a little square with a face and you float around a warehouse organizing other squares with images like winter hats and constellations on them.

The game is divided into two cycles: Receiving new shipments and bringing requests to the purchase counter. That’s it. That’s the game. You get new things and put them wherever you want, then you bring them to the counter. It is so soothing.

This one isn’t going to work for everyone, but if it works for you you’re going to love it. The Finji team jokes that they never want to do work because they’d rather be playing Wilmot’s Warehouse and I definitely see why.

Wilmot’s Warehouse is available right now for Nintendo Switch, Windows, and Mac. It came out last week.


Overland is the next game coming out from Finji and it’s one of the in-house development projects. It’s been Adam’s baby for quite some time now. Overland is a road trip survival game: Steal a car, find friends, go west. It’s XCOM for people who find XCOM too complicated.

There are dogs (which you can pet AND enlist in your party). There are creepy monsters that burst through the ground when they hear loud sounds. It’s a beautiful, brutal game and it’s finally coming out on September 19th on virtually every platform (Windows, Mac, Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and sometime later on Apple Arcade).

I’ve played Overland quite a bit already and if you like strategy roguelikes I can tell you for sure that you’re going to enjoy this one. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy this one in so many languages: Overland has been translated into a whopping 15 languages, all available at launch, each with a meticulously designed title screen with a custom logo font by Heather Penn for every language.


Tunic was also part of the Finji booth this year and it’s one of Finji’s publishing project. The demo is the same as it’s been for a few PAXs’ now, but it’s a great demo.

Tunic is a top-down action game about a fox, an adventure, and secrets, in the vein of genre greats like Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls. It’s a gorgeous title, from the chunky, brightly colored polygons to the sunbeams coming through the trees, and the responsive combat is complemented by an original soundtrack by Lifeformed (famous for the Dustforce OST).

Tunic is coming to Windows and Xbox One, but we don’t know when yet. More information can be found here.

Editor’s Note: Jake is friends with the majority of the folks involved with Finji and with these projects. 

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