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Here’s your first look at the footage from my drone

I just got my hands on a Phantom 2 Vision + Drone. Here’s of my first published videos!

Drone in the Sun

Drone in the Sun

Hey everyone, things have been a little slow here at KnowTechie for one reason. I just bought a new drone!

I just got my hands on a Phantom 2 Vision+ drone. I’ll share all the details in a later post. But for now, enjoy the sights. I was able to capture some great shots. My first location was in small city square of Everett, MA. The second is actually an historical site, it’s the site where the¬†first American Flag was raised.

The shots are still a little amateurish, but amazing nonetheless. I’m still getting the hang of this particular model of drone. There’s a TON learn, but I’m slowly getting there.

Alright, let’s get this rolling.

Footage of where the first American Flag was Raised: Prospect Hill Somerville, MA.

Here’s one of my first flights with the Phantom 2 Drone. The view is spectacular!

What do you think of these shots? Any particular place you would like to see me film?


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