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If you add funds to your Apple ID account right now, you’ll get a little extra from Apple

Not all locations are eligible, however.

Apple free money when adding funds
Image: Apple

Everyone loves getting money for nothing, right? Right now, through the 14th of March, Apple will give you a little extra cash if you transfer money onto your Apple ID account.

If you’re in the USA, that extra is a healthy 10-percent increase, another report says that users in Germany are getting an extra 15%. That extra credit won’t expire either, so you can always use it for App Store or iTunes purchases, which you’d do anyway, right?

To add money to your Apple ID account, you’ll have to tap through a bunch of options in your iPhone’s settings menu.

  • Open Settings and go to iTunes & App Store
  • Tap on Apple ID, then on View Apple ID
  • You’ll then be on the screen shown below, where you can tap on Add Funds to Apple ID. Tapping here will show the selection screen, which will also tell you how much your bonus will be. A $10 funds transfer gets you $1 more, $200 gets you a $20 bonus. You’ll get a prompt to pay with Touch ID once you tap on one of the dollar amounts.

Just a couple of minor, small print-esque details. You can only benefit from the 10-percent bonus once. That’s it. If you’re always buying music on iTunes, or need the latest hotness in iOS apps/games, it’s probably worth putting the full $200 on, if you can spare it. It’s also worth noting that $200 is the most you can transfer while still getting the bonus cash.


Image: Apple

If you’re a desktop iTunes user, you can also get the bonus. Go to Account, then View My Account. From there, you should see a section called Apple ID Account, which gives you the option to add funds. A word of warning here – clicking on one of the dollar amounts will automatically add that to your account, there’s no prompt to confirm with Touch ID or your password here.

Plan on adding funds to your Apple account to get the bonus? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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