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Google’s patent for its game controller notes some interesting features

Ok, that’s a pretty cool idea.

google project stream controller mockup from yanko design
Image: Yanko Design

We don’t know a ton of about Google’s Project Stream, but maybe Google’s new patent for a game controller can shine a light on some of the features of its game streaming concept.

After testing Project Stream through browsers with the game Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, things have mostly been quiet on the Google game front. Does the company imagine its game streaming service as a browser-based thing, or does it want to see it on screens everywhere?

According to Google’s controller patent, it’s possible the controller could almost act as a “home base” for the platform, with the controller having the ability to connect to other devices and launch games in that manner.

In addition to firing up your games to a connected device, the patent also mentions the control can be used for various notifications. From the patent:

The device may include a processor that may be configured to receive an indication of a notification about a game that is not currently launched on the host device.

This makes sense, without a dedicated console, how will you know if someone is inviting you to play a game or as sent you a message? This alert could do just that, and when combined with some of the other tech featured in the controller, you could quickly connect to a device and check the notification. This would honestly be pretty cool.

Google’s plans for game streaming is still relatively unknown, but at least we should learn more about the project at the Game Developers Conference this month.

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