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The future is here, folks – jetpacks are a real thing now

Watch as the Jetman flies his jetpack while pushing the boundaries of aviation by completing a sensational formation flight.


Remember the movie The Rocketeer? Don’t worry if you don’t; it wasn’t very good. The premise of the movie, according to IMDB’s short description: “A young pilot stumbles onto a prototype jetpack that allows him to become a high-flying masked hero.” Not much meat and bones there, but you get the point; a guy flies around in a jetpack.

Well the days of Hollywood magic are over because a Swedish ex-fighter pilot, Yves Rossy, AKA “Jetman”, pushes the boundaries of aviation in this video with Aerobatics ChampionVeres Zoltán in Dubai.

Sure, Jetpacks have been around for a while now, but none have come to same level as the Jetman’s.

Is the future really here? Almost. A reddit user pointed out a good point in a recent thread discussing the video: “Until he can take off unassisted, hover, and land without a parachute I don’t think its quite the same as what we typically think of when someone says a jetpack.”

Good point. However, the real future is when everyone is flying around on a jetpack. Until then, enjoy this little gem:

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