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Get science delivered directly to your door with MEL Chemistry

MEL Chemistry is like the Netflix of chemistry sets.

We’re all familiar with subscription boxes at this point, things like Loot Crate and Birchbox, that deliver goodies to consumers each month for a fixed rate. MEL Chemistry is like that, but instead of toys or beauty products, MEL sends out chemistry sets twice a month to sate any mad scientists aspirations you, or your kids, may have.

In total, you and your children will receive 36 interactive, hands-on sets (some sets allow for more than one experiment) that includes everything you’ll need to perform the experiments. Also included is access to their interactive mobile app that serves as a virtual 3D microscope. While it might seem kind of gimmicky, it allows the young’uns to get an idea of what exactly is happening in their experiments.

Your first kit also includes the Starter Kit which has tools that are used throughout your yearlong experiments, things like safety googles, plastic syringes, a fuel stove, and VR goggles. If you have more than one child, no worries, most experiments come with enough reagents to perform each one several times over.

In an era where primary schools are doing less and less hands on activities, a kit like this has the ability to spark an interest in science in a way text books and lectures can never do. It’s not the cheapest subscription service on the block, coming in right at $50 a month, but that does include two deliveries which makes it a bit better; but who knows, maybe it will inspire the next Marie Curie or Louis Pasteur. Find out more about MEL Chemistry here.

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