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Golfer nails a drone out of the sky

Want to see what happens when a golfer intends to hit a target hanging mid-air from a drone? Check out what happens next….

Jason Day hits Drone out of the Sky

What happens when you challenge a pro golfer to hit a target hanging from a drone in mid-air? Chances are he’s going to nail his mark. If I was a betting man, I would make that bet any day of the week. Good thing I’m not though because after two failed attempts, he swings and misses the intended target by nailing the drone out of the sky on his third try.


It seems that Adidas has jumped on the drone “brand-wagon” by utilizing them into their marketing efforts. Is this something you should expect to see in the future from other Brand’s? Yes, you should certainly expect to see more of this type of stuff from the major players.

Stay tuned!                                                              -H/T SportingNews

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